So this morning, I wasn’t gonna blog about anything ooo.

But something happened that brought out the Blogger in me…

Someone called me ‘holier than thou’

Her exact words were

‘…Ezi please stop all this holier than thou thing you always do…’


Ok lemme back up a bit…

We were discussing something on people who reduce or falsify their age to get a certain benefit or job. Case in point was the NYSC especially. I told her about a friend of mine who I told NOT to bother reducing her age to serve because most employers wouldn’t accept you without a ‘Discharge certificate’ even if you have the equally legit ‘Exemption Letter’

My point is, lying just removes God from the equation. NYSC is NOT what God needs to give you a job… Even if you reduce age to 22 from 30, what’s the guarantee that you would get a job post-NYSC??? Certainly NOT that NYSC certificate. Not even your degree.

“…Some trust in and boast of chariots (degree, certificates, age) and some of horses (connections, surname) but E’ will trust in the name of the Lord my God…” Psalm 20:7

God can NOT be limited to a flimsy piece of paper to bless you. He can bless you with or without that ‘chariot’. He is God, He cannot be BOXED…

And He certainly doesn’t want you sharing His glory with any man/thing… He wants to be 100%Boss, 100% of the time… Haven’t we heard incredible testimonies of miracle jobs? I heard one on sunday that made me cry for joy… ha ahn. He is Boss ooo. He does things in his own way and he can use the foolish things to confound the wise. (Ist Corinthians 1:27)

And He will remove anything that dares to stand in His way…

“…Those chariots will rust, those horses will pull up lame, that Uncle will disappear, that age reduction will count for less than nothing…but we who trust in God, not certificate or our age, we will TESTIFY…” Psalms 20:8 (E’s mix version)

Of course you have to be diligent yup. Get an education (formal or informal in your desired field). Yup. But to remove trust from God and put it in Paper and then do all sorts of things to either get the Paper or make the paper valid…? Hell Nope!!!

I love how Isaiah 31: 1 ff puts it…


I especially love the ‘The Egyptians are men and NOT God. Their horses are flesh and NOT spirit…”

Biko eh, let us stop all these compromising ejor…

It doesn’t look good on us… And doesn’t speak well of our God…

See eh, with God, there are NO grey areas. Tz either black or white. True or lie. Yes or No. No shades in between.

…But let your Yes be simply Yes and your NO be simply NO. Anything else is from the Devil… (Matt 5:37)

And just incase you have forgotten, here is my reminder…

“…Let me tell you why you are here, You are the LIGHT of the world… You are the SALT of the earth, if you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You are here to be LIGHT, bringing out the God colors in the world…”


Stay in faith darling. Get a tag team of ‘faith persons” to encourage you.  Don’t compromise your standards.

If the world want to interpret this as being ‘holier than thou’, then allow me to introduce myself to you…

My name is Eziaha and why yes, I am Holier than thou…


Oh btw, I was hug starved when that person told me this.


My fave colleague resigned and she gave me the best hugs at work.  When Sapphire asked me how I was, and I told her I was hug-starved, she sent me this fake attempt of a hug.



I later got a real one from my Corper colleague so all is well in E’ world.

Sapphire, don’t worry, few more days till I get the real hug from you.

Btw, this selfie is gorgeous….


Have a terrific Tuesday FAB’ers


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  1. Nice post. I completely….or sorry incompletely agree with you. Talking about compromises…where do we draw the line on compromises? People use connections to get posted to their desired locations, get jobs etc. Those are all forms of trusting in horses and chariots. I don’t agree with the issue of reducing ur age to get a job but mainly for legal reasons (don’t say ‘u don carry this lawyer thing come again It is forgery and perjury. Don’t forget that age declaration is done by means of affidavit and you swear to an affidavit. Therefore when you lie about something in an affidavit it becomes perjury and perjury is a crime #:-s . That said, my take on this is that it is not a holier than thou thing. It is a principle thing and principles should be taken all the way.

    1. Nne if you have connection, enjoy. Use it. But we have seen connections fail. My point is even with the connection, look up to God still such that eveb when one connection fails, you don’t lose hope totally cos God can use another connection to help. That’s my point and where we draw the line.
      As for the legal matter, nne you have a point too. But where it is legal (lawful) and not expedient (Christian) I choose Christian still….
      Hope we did the right balance here?

  2. Hehehehhehehehehehe! This is hilarious but well said my sister! Ur not alone my dear o! I have friends who call me mother of JEsus or ask ” Na u kill Jesus? Why all dese gospel u preaching and mentioning Jesus..LOL . I, Oluwakemi aint shamed of d gospel o! But,Je m’en fous!of their comments.LOL I have known this ps20:7 as far back as when I was a kid cos its part of the memory verses I learnt in children’s church.(my parents church then.)And It was my fav memory verse then.But I love the MSG translation. Keep it up gal! Holier than thou E’ !Lol

  3. Hnmmmm..dis is deep! Ezi sha..u always hv just d right words com out from dis ur blessed but full of coldstone icecream n junkfood mouth lol.A very nice wtite-up I must say .LOL @ “holier than thou” sha..4 me,I think its CHOICE cos av seen most “holier dan thou” peeps compromise nd also seen d very principled ones too do same concernin dis nysc change of name tin.Whoever siad dat really provoked u to writing dis beautiful piece..and lots of peeps need to com read dis cos dia minds av been clouded wt words like “if u don’t do dis u can’t get dis..blah blah” nd am like r u God?? If u r not,den tk several seats!! Also I tink d reason peeps reduce dia age nd all dat is bcus offcourse dey knw dat witout d ‘discharge certificate’,gettin a job bcoms difficult -no thanks to d government..but it all depends on u, ur faith,,grace ,prayer nd more.#secondtimecommenter#hihihihi

    1. Loool at blessed and full of cold stone ice cream mouth…. Jealousy
      Hahaha at take several seats. Uche don vex.
      Seriously sha some people need several seats…
      Thanks for being a second time commenter my love…
      Coldstone ice cream for you…. not from me tho. From Mr Frank

  4. My dear,for my cds today,somone was talking about,abstinence frm sexual sin,the only prevention frm sexual diseases!nna ehn u nd to c d way other kopas were tacklin hm!m like serzly! Y shld it generate plenty arguement like this!the LI had to stop the bantering o!if nt we for still dey on top d matta

  5. I love your post Eziaha…very very true, sometimes I struggle with a need to “do my own bit”, but more and more God gently eases me back into trust. As an aisde on your last comment, I don’t think not expedient always means Christian, I’ve always felt it had more to do with appropriateness or practicality for a specific time or purpose

  6. Nice piece… my biggest issue is when pple try to make BAD seem like the norm…. its so annoyn… n wen u try to point it out, they claim one is holier than thou…. I am not perfect but wen i know i hv done something wrong, i admit instead of justifyn it… dats wat pple r doing justifyn d wrng n making it seem like d norm… it just is so annoyn. May God help us all n rily rily anyone banking on connections ehn has failed… Na only God. He’s d only one that can bring connections n position pple for our sakes soooo

    1. My darling
      Thanks for writing what I forgot to write.
      We, me inclusive, are NOT perfect. So we have to admit when we do wrong and NOT justify sin.
      That’s the annoying part.
      Thanks again nwanne…

  7. Awesome. To think I didn’t check that you had a blog until now. The Holier than thou concept is evil, it is that thing that says if you have lied about ur age before , shut up! “You shut up. If I was a sinner yesterday. I have repented and I now stand in his grace”.
    Pple do not only wanna do wrong, they also want company. Let’s keep resolving to stand only in God’s company.

    1. Oh my!!! Ajoyo Too true. Too on point Company indeed. I totally love the slant you brought to this. God bless you abeg. And TPC… That’s a real gift you have ooo. Thanks for stopping by my blog. E’

  8. It’s funny! Because certain people can not achieve certain standards, they resort to pulling others down. Misery loves company. The thing homegirl did not know is that that “holier” status was not by your own power; it was given to you because you asked Christ to be your life partner. She could attain the same levels if she wanted….

  9. i totally luv this post,pple trust so much in their brain n connection and less in life is a true example that ts only God that can bless a man n God cannot share his glory wif anyman .Wif no man’s help i got a job and God has indeed made me realise that for ur shame i would give u my trainin skul my colleagues kept yapping me dt y do i kabash before i submit my paper aftr evry exam lmaoooo.well my colleagues alwys asked eachoda but for me i just cudnt biko n guess wat i came out topppp jehova bu eze…….plus eziaha i used u as a point of contact when i prayed heheeee……….HE IS GOD ALL BY HIMSELF HE RILY DOESNT NEED OUR HELPPP

    1. First my dear somsom, we are quarrelling.
      You didn’t share this testimony with me. And I have still been praying.
      You owe me coldstone ice cream and Domino’s pizza.
      But darling I am so happy for you.
      Jehovah bu eze.

  10. Again,thanks 4sharing,pls continue putting links to old posts on new ones,it helps moi a lot.
    D sanctimonious holier than thou tin pple say 2me used 2affect my mood a lot then,but I quickly learnt dat its better to be known as striving 4God’s truth than 2b known 4sometin else.
    Most times also,I realised dat wat we think,d God’s truth we knw will often clash wt d world bt now I know it doesn’t matter,d truth abt d age tin is wat u av said,thrz no guarantee dat after reducing ur age,u’ll get d job,its better 2do it God’s way and watch His favour and grace work 4u like no other.
    Thanks again.

    1. Bless you darling.
      I am glad to see that it is helping ooo. I just don’t want those posts to rot in Archives so I take the pains to post them.

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