Day 3 and I present to you a very good friend of mine who would like to stay anon. Incidentally, I can’t give any hints cos all the hints I have are blatant. You will immediately know who it is… That is if you knew her before.
No prizes for guessing right but feel free to shoot me a mail (ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com) with your guess. Let’s leave it outta the comments.
I totally enjoyed reading this… My girlfriend is a real mature writer…
Nuff said… Please enjoy ‘Missy’s piece of the action…
With my thoughts inserted nicely at different points in asterisks…

I’m literally sitting in the airport lounge while I type this waiting for a flight. That’s what the last month and a half have been reduced to for me – a massive rush. During this period, I’ve felt like I’ve gone to bed running and woken still racing. Sometime near the end of the year, I was discussing with a friend of mine and bemoaning my fate and how upsetting the year had turned out for me and instead of the horse-face to console me, he asked what I would do to ensure the drawbacks I experienced in the past year do not repeat themselves.

As annoyed as I was with him, (I mean, I expected an ego massage or at the very least a refutal, you know, “oh no! Your year hasn’t been that bad, look all the lives you saved and the continents you discovered…” or something to that effect) he got me thinking. There’s a saying, “‘Tis a wise man who learns from the mistakes of others…”(or some such adage), but I’ve never been one to learn from other people’s mistakes. I’ve blundered through life and only survived by God’s special grace.
***words of wisdom from that friend of hers walahi… Funny I would have given a refutal too… Thank God for him***

I agree with my mum, friends, family and random observers that I need to grow up. Fast. I mean, I am grown up (obviously, duhh) but I need to start seeing myself as an adult. So I have drawn up a genius master plan (haha! First step to adulthood!)

In 2014, I have decided to curb my impulses. I will think things through before I embark on them and not hop off like a demented rabbit. I can hear my mum heave a tremendous sigh of relief at this. I’ve never been that bad really. It’s not like I shave off all my hair or get a huge tattoo on my face whenever the feeling takes me; it’s just…Once, I gave away all my money because I heard a sob story and another time I purchased a ticket to a country which I hadn’t gotten a visa for (thanks aunty for bailing me out), that sort of thing really.
*damn!!! Why now? When I had a cool sob story loading*

Secondly, I have decided to live for myself. I actually exhaled at that one. I am one of the most dutiful and dependable people you’ll ever meet (yaaaawwwwn *boriiing*) and my sense of duty is greatest to my family and career, I have decided to live this year (and years to come, help me Jesus, please (seriously)) for me. Do the things I want to do, live the life I want to, for me. I need to grow up already. Obviously not abandon my life and go to join a life cult or something, but at least be able to say that the decisions I took were not to please anyone but were in MY best interests (you think it’s selfish? Try living 25 odd years being what everyone else wants you to be and then come back and tell me about selfish *fuming*)
* I am absolutely totally with Missy on this one!!! The decisions we make for our lives have to first line up with God and then ourselves. Not to toss wise counsel but then… Striking a good balance is key so bebe I am totally with you on this and I’ma be closemarking you *points at my two eyes and points at you* *

Ahh…here’s a secret, I am scatterbrained (if you will scroll up a little, you will see previously mentioned area about bumbling through life). Strangely, people seem to think I am organised and detailed. I have come to a realisation that I need to stop believing this lie and get organised for real (SUCCESS! I have attained maturity! Yes? No? I still have someway to go?)

Most importantly, I have decided to embark on self-improvement. And the most important part of that is being the best child I can to my heavenly and earthly parents. To my earthly progenitors (yes! Ostentatious English word! Veerrry grown up :-D), I am pretty much perfect except I have refused to get married to the young men they keep diverting my way; but to my heavenly Daddy, I’m sure he has a crick in his neck from shaking his head at all my antics. I am truly sorry and repentant, I promise to listen AND obey. I will endeavour to draw nearer by studying your word AND living it.
*Interceding with you on this one babe. Cos this is LIFE*

Ahem! I obviously have more detailed plans for world domination for the year (note to self: draw one up) but I shan’t share it so you clever and dedicated people won’t steal and implement them before my lazy self gets to it.

God bless us all, everyone and happy new year!

***The End***

Neat writing yeah? I like…
Babe, believe me when I say that I am really proud of you. 2014, may you indeed be proud of the growth God has helped you achieve… Totally with you in prayers, as always… And I trust you can bank on the prayers of the FAB fam…

Ok my girl Booski who I featured yesterday has a blog up now!!! Whoop. I absolutely love her first Post. You may wanna rush up there, read and show some love in the comments section.
I indeed have friends that have their heads screwed on right… *pops collar*

Love Love Love

Going Forward… Still Testifying!!!

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  1. Neat writing indeed. May God make your plans come to pass. ♈υ̲̣̥ sound like a very simple and focused lady. God bless ♈υ̲̣̥ richly this year. E’ pls I can’t find a link to Booski’s blog. Pls can ♈υ̲̣̥ tell ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ how to go about it. Thank ♈υ̲̣̥.

  2. I like missy already. You sound simple and superawesome and of cause your writing is sweet.
    Really you need to grow? Hahhahahe!
    Not to worry dear, God will endow you with grace to achieve all you have planned out for the year.

  3. Lawd , she sounds just like me. Felt like I was reading myself, although I’m not that impulsive sha, on the contrary, I usually overanalyse every decision.
    But, I was 25 a couple of weeks ago and part of what I have decided to do this year is to live for ME! My theme for the year is Excellence and Depth, depth in every area of my life: in my relationship with Him, relationship with others, knowing myself , figuring out what I ACTUALLY want(at 25 o, smh)… if i start on this i wont finish so dont let me start .
    I’m also verrrry scatterbrained and people always seem to think I’m very organized too, I never seem to understand why. I’m Capricorn so I’m actually supposed to be very organised *yinmu*. On my list this year is also start a blog, and remove myself from my selfimposed isolation, its beginning to have not-very-funny consequences. Do you still have slots open for guest writers, i would love to write, primarily so that by publicly stating all i want to do this year it kinda concretizes it and pushes me to action.
    Thanks Eziaha. Your blog is truly truly a blessing.
    And I think I know who your friend is, the lover of big “ostentatious” grammar 😉

    1. Sweetie
      I enjoyed reading your comment
      Yes I have slots darling. Please send. Would love to be a part of achieving your dreams jare.
      Please send asap
      I’m sure you will make a great writer
      And nope not Lizzie our very own Hon. Patrick. Lol.
      Lizzie’s own is loading.
      Cheers dear

  4. we ladies ehn. we spend all our single lives doing things for everybody but us. we get married and it’s the same. the children go and then we start being grannies doing things for d grand children…Missy, all the best in ur endeavors

  5. Heyo!

    Cowardly Missy here! So glad that you like it. Thanks Mercy, Imperfectly Perfect, Phebe and Peace for your kind prayers. Sim, I pray the Father gives you the grace to achieve all which you hope to. (Can you keep a secret? I think I know who it is too! *grin*)

    Thanks a great deal again for all your support and good night! (In my head, I’m at the Oscars *smh*)

  6. I like this post. Self improvement is the eishhhhh this year. @phebe…d story of a woman…we live for others…and then some. May God grant ur heart desires Missy Mo. Ezimooooooooooooo…plenty hugs and sloppy wet kisses. Gratitude, Babe.

  7. Nice post,
    True about living for yourself now and not your family.I
    I’m glad,u doing that now,a lot of ppl look bak @ thr lives and wonder?Y dey chose to live for ppl and not themselves!
    Need I say,I ought to live for God and myslf this year too!

  8. Lol @ “Ostentatious English word! Veerrry grown up!”

    What a fabulous testimony. Self improvement is definitely a must on this year’s list of resolutions for everyone. In fact, searching for significant others should come second to being the very best you can be.

    Happy New Year! (not sure if I’ve greeted you yet, lol) 😛

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