I am sitting at the airport waiting to board (last time i was at an airport, i was so sick and even threw up. Today i am in perfect health, hallelujah!!!) and then I am thinking ‘who do I publish today?’ Then Frances drops in my spirit…
She has sent me at least 7 posts. She keeps editing and editing. When I read the last one she sent, I knew this was IT.
Ah Frances feels like my blog sister. She just reps Christ wella.
Amazing girl. I hope to run into you on the streets of Lagos as opposed to a deliberate planned meeting.
Looool. Either way, it would be an honor to finally meet you.
FAB’ers, please welcome to the FAB lane of testifiers, the blogger and Lawyer in the works, Frances ‘imperfectly petfect ‘Okoro….

> Yay!
> I am officially inducted into E’s hall of fame! Thank you E’
***Pleasure’s all mine darling***
> Hello everyone! My name is Frances Oghenerukevwe Okoro.
> I am a Nigerian, an Isoko/Urhobo girl who hopes to learn how to speak
> both languages in 2014.
> Blame me not please,my parents are the ones at fault,but I’ll be doing
> something about this shameful situation this year.
> I will DEFINITELY be taking Isoko classes before the year ends (add
> that to my bucket list,no?) Yes!

*huh? Where do they take isoko classes? Loool. Good luck with that one babes*
> I am a student in Nigerian Law School Lagos campus so of course
> there’s a mega serious goal right there&I’ll come back to that, but
> for now,first things first…
> 2013 was deep spiritually for me,but I can do better in 2014.
> I really want to know my beautiful Father more,I want a deep romance
> with Him, so I will be wrapping myself in God’s word securely. My
> quiet time gets supreme priority before the exercise,BBM,law
> books,blogrolls…

*This is very important. As a blogger especially if you blog on a regular, blog affairs may wanna fight for quiet time (it doesn’t count that your blog is a Christian one oooo). So one has to be careful to fellowship exclusively with God without BBM and blog notifications interrupting. So babe I am so with you on this one*

> I also want to build my relationship with the God in me, the Holy Spirit.
> I want to walk in God’s light, for His light to shine so brightly to all I
> meet.
> Second goal is to pass Bar Finals in bright blinding colours!
> Call to bar in November 2014 cannot be held in Abuja without your girl
> being called too. Lai lai!

*without you me? Dem no fit. I will be safely settled in Abuja then so if you invite me for the after party, I will come ceteris  paribus…***
> And in light of that goal,I hope to transform into a nerd with the law
> flowing through my veins.
> I’ve been toying with asking God for first class and this is the first
> place I am officially going to write down the vision- I will leave NLS
> Lagos with a first class!

*You chose the right platform to do this baby. The same God that gave me a First class and gave Chisom her best graduating trainee testimony can and will do yours too. Do your best and leave the rest for my Sugar daddy to do….***

> No turning back now, and hard/not,I believe God can do this for me
> after all “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever
> imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”
> Still on the leaving NLS with first class, I really have to change my
> handwriting. Truly,when I write in a haste,I don’t even understand
> some of the things I write.(tips will be welcome)

*Sorry darling. No tips from me. And frankly I am tonguing out for you here. Thanks to my primary school, I have an amazing handwriting lol. But seriously tho, try abeg. These lecturers gotta see what you have written ooo and give us those earth shattering AM’s necessary for our First class… *
> I lost about 18kg in 2013 and I’ll lose the remaining 16kg this year.
> I must get in my routine exercises, eat healthy, and I may fall but I
> will pick myself up and continue on the race.
> Loosing 4kg per month should help me get this done by April/May, and
> its just perfect as this is when we go for chambers and court
> externship, and I gotta go with my banging body.
> You never can tell…*lips sealed*.

*opens the sealed lips. Lol. Good luck with that one darling. A banging body Is never unwelcome made…*
> I ran a business when I was in the university so I was always saving
> and boosting my account but I’ve fallen off the wagon and have been
> spending anyhow.
> So 4th goal is to get back into the saving groove. This may be hard to
> do with my small allowee but even if its 1k each month,I will do it.
> I will also be working with a budget,I spend cash anyhow when I don’t have
> one.

*my darling please do. No matter how little. I love the book ‘the richest man in Babylon’ . You may wanna get it. The saving principle there is awesome… *

> I started giving to orphanages in 2013 and I want to continue that in 2014.
> I hope to visit, share and leave smiles on the lips of lots of people.
> I will be starting with the little and start building the legacy I
> want to leave on earth.

*One who gives to the poor lends to their Market and He will repay… And He repays like a boss that He is…*

> In light of giving back to society also,I would prayer fully be a
> corper by November 2014 and I am working on a plan to speak to young
> girls in secondary schools in where ever I would be posted to(Lag
> hopefully).
> Might take a while for the plan to be underway but I hope to hold one
> in December.

***I had the privilege of doing same as a Corper. Amazing I tell you. Priceless. And the khaki gives you an advantage so it won’t be hard at all. Since schools are writing exams by the time batch C corpers come on board, this may have to wait till January but still start your underground work before. You can holler at me for pointers…*
> This is a 2014-2015 plan but I am writing it here so I don’t get lazy
> and forget.
> After all,I gotta write the vision,and E’s blog is a fab place to do that.
*yeah yeah. Left Sugar daddy and I make a fantastic blogging team…*

> I am crazy about being a virtuous lady,so I’ll be building on my
> personality.
> Peeps,especially my toasters love to make my head swoon with –
> ‘Frances,you have an amazing personality’
> But na lie abeg, I can do better.
> I can be more loving/caring and can place a better lid on my temper. I
> also tend to bottle things up when I feel hurt instead of
> communicating, I’ll be working on that too.

> I also have a goal to smile and laugh more in 2014.(These fine teeth
> has got to be flaunted jare)

*Too much gloom around my darling. We need to shine our teeth more and deliberately abeg…*

> In fact, at the end of the year when I read this entry on E’s blog
> again,I hope to grin widely like a cat and showcase the amazing smiles
> I have perfected in 2014 😀

> And oh, shoot! You notice that there’s no goal concerning the one I
> call the one?
> I think my dad thinks that I am bringing an in-law for him soon
> because I prefer to tie wrappers a lot when going for events these
> days&apparently, that’s a married woman thing.
> But err, I laugh in Isoko…
> Let’s just say that I am VERY BUSY making myself into a lady the one
> will be proud of and praying for our future.
> When the one arrives, he will arrive.
> And till he arrives, another goal for 2014 is to visit Ghana or
> Calabar after law school things and just chillax! Maybe with my girl
> Lily who’s actually stuck between praying for him not to come yet so
> we can go for this as an all girls thingy or pray for him to come so
> he and I can go together…
> Either ways, I will be travelling somewhere, taking loads of pictures
> and just enjoying single hood.
> I’m already imagining pictures taken with my bad ass glasses and ah, I
> am drooling already!

*You will need a fulfilled and satisfied single life to enjoy married life wella… My opinion. So live it up girl. As a married woman, you gotta consider plenty before you up and leave ooo looool.

> At the end of 2014 when I read this entry again, I hope it will be
> with the certainty that most of these goals were ticked off and I pray
> that I’ll be reading it with “Barrister” affixed to my name.
> So help me God.
> Onto GREATER things.
> I must testify!

Now may we all rise and toast to the amazing Barrister Frances Okoro…
BTW babe blogs at www.imperfectlyperfect92.wordpress.com

Cheers y’all… My ‘private jet’ is ready…
Gotta run

Going Forward…Still Testifying

35 Responses

    1. Hmm hmmm, I wee surprise Ezar and E o.
      They hold isoko and urhobo classes in Delta state-in my house area sef so I will use after law school/before nysc to learn.
      Watch and see na*tongue out*

  1. NIce nice read. I can help u with d writing thing. it’s way I do with young’uns around here with bad writing.. buy a 2d note book. yeah, d kind u used in primary school. have someone with good writing print d alphabets a-z in upper and lower cases as well as d numbers 1-10.
    then when uve perfected dat, move to a couple of words- boy, girl, come, tree etc. after this stage, ask the person to make prints of simple sentences in joint script. then u copy in ur own space. in a week u should av a writing greatly improved….
    all d best in fulfilling ur goals.

    1. Phebe, its back to the rudiments abi?
      I think my main ish with the handwriting is patience. I almost can’t keep still enough to write legibly. I just want to put down all as fast as it comes and as fast as I can.
      Thank you so much,will definitely try this tip even though my roomies will laugh at me, I must do the work for what I want..*smiles*

  2. Frances!!!!! I hear GREATER!!!!
    Enjoy heaven’s resources to thrive resplendently&take your characteristic vivacity several notches higher! 😉
    #OperationShineYour32mustoSucceed 😀
    The GOOD of the land walks GRACEFULLY into your hands this year dear.

    A gazillion cheers to their physical manifestation!

    1. Oh Lizzie, you/the God in you have a way with saying what one needs at a point in time. God bless you dear, amen and amen to the physical manifestation of greater in our lives.thanks babes.
      *big hugs*

  3. Serzly u lost 18kg last year?biko hw did u do it,exercise and diet?I v bn exercising n dietin n I v only lost 4kg since december!
    Ur exercise-diet plan would be much appreciated!(M waiting o!)

    1. First of all, biko Valerie,4kg isn’t small ooo, tell that to us on a weight loss journey, if I lose 4kg now I know where I go dey. even 1kg should be celebrated.
      Abeg take better high five at the 4kg loss, that’s amazing! you go girl!
      Yes, it was through exercise and dieting, I started in july last year and it has been slow because of school and all but I still dey go.
      I don’t starvation diets, my diet is just to eat the right things, portion control and more proteins,wheat based foods,no softdrinks,water all the way,more fruits and veggies.
      Then I used to jog atleast 5times a week but now cuz of my schedule in school,I skip or use a workout dvd in the morning,5days a week.
      That’s basically my regime, then discipline, perseverance and patience. Keep keeping on,do the exercise and diet as you are doing right now and more than 4kg will come off.
      Just remember its not a one day thing,weightloss is practically a lifestyle. Keep at it and we’ll get there.
      And abeg eh,another gbosa at your 4kg loss! Celebrate it oo! Tis not easy at all. Lol

      1. Truly tz a lifestyle
        Which is what I wanna cultivate this year
        The habit/lifestyle of eating right and exercising not just one off diets/fads

    2. Valerie go and sit down
      Your weight and shape is perfect
      Perfectly sexy sef haba. Leave dieting for those who need it.
      Abi na for wedding gown tinz? 😉

  4. Awwww, E! I went from different ranges of emotions when I saw today was my day/started to read..*curtsied,bowed,smiled,laughed,made to hug you…*
    I think I understand why my name dropped in your spirit today, thank you.
    Ehen, there is Isoko class o,after law school when I get home, I am going to enroll for that.
    And yes,perfect place to write the vision yeah,am keying into you and Chisom’s testimony,its the same God and He still liveth.
    And would definitely talk to you about tips for the nysc plans and oh,I love greatest man in babylon but its being a while I read it,I will re-read,thanks E,your tips were tres helpful.
    And biko o,why u dey tongue out at me at the handwriting things?? Mtcheww! I was taught well in primary school too o,It just went away from me as time went on.lol
    And yes,ceteris paribus,you will be there at my after call to bar party.*high fives!* am bursting in smiles at thinking about it already.
    But I laugh at the ceteris paribus you said o,I know its common english but u know its lawyers that use old terms like that mostly and e be like Bolaji dey cut you small of am.. Hehehe.ok,bye.
    Again, plenty hugs,trust me when I say God’s spirit in you want wrong for you to post this today. You were sent for me.thanks….

    1. Loool
      I knew ceteris paribus from my Sociology classes made
      But yup boo teaches me all those una big big Latin
      I just refuse to learn. Dude has given up 🙁

  5. And I know I typed one long comment to E before o but I forgot to say that I am copying this post + your tips to msword and saving on my laptop for reference purpose through out this year,if I can make it a wall paper sef I will.
    Don’t roll ur eyes o, that’s how important this fab voices is to me…
    And I guess I am just saying thank you again.
    This is just soooo apt for today, for how I am feeling et al. Thanks.
    *Ah,ok Frances the thank you is enough already…
    Or one more?
    Thank you E.

    Okbye,and I am not crazy o. Only amazed at how God sends the right thing to me each time.

  6. Nice read dear. God will cause all your dreams to come through. It’s amazing how U̶̲̥̅̊ loose that weight. I got those tips and they are what I needed now. Pls how do I get a workout Dvd. Is your Urohobo class ehh. ♈υ̲̣̥ will need to start from the basics. May God be ₩ɪ̣̝̇†̥h ♈υ̲̣̥ all the way.

    1. Yesoooo
      Me too would love a DVD. Haven’t really looked for cos I know e dey market. Plus Kate he Shaw has her workout DVD. I know it can be gotten at Ebeano in Lekki

    2. I have some dvds on my laptop, I can send you if you are in lag/close to where I am. I was sent for free too so I will gladly pass on the good deed..
      and the isko/urhobo thing, amen o, God dey. thanks Mercy

  7. Wishing you all the very best my dear. As per Isoko classes, they exist, there is a strong Isoko community in A.J city and you can find/ easily hire an Isoko tutor. Trust me, I once took them. But if there is no one to speak to on the regular, it may be quite tough to attain proficiency. As a smart chic, you will do great on the theory but you’ll probably not be speaking when the class is done. My cousins learnt by going to stay with their grandma in the villa, no chance of speaking English there. 3 -6 months was all they needed for their spoken Isoko to make some sense.

    As per leaving the NLS with the best result, God desires to shine through us and I release upon you the grace for excellence. God walks tall when we shine. They will hail Frances, daughter of the King and God is glorified in your glory. So bring back the testimony.

    I celebrate all your desires and God says concerning the work of my hands, command ye me so go ahead dear lady and see God come through for you.
    As a fellow Isoko speaking deficient, fiercely God loving, star performing sister, I celebrate you and celebrate God in you. Go ahead and shine.

  8. Hmmn Frances, Urhobo wayo mehn…. i feel you on the languages thing but its doable. I only learnt Igbo as an adult…he he. May the good Lord grant your heart desires in Jesus Christ name in accordance with His holy will amen.
    Peace and love+++

  9. re-read this again, month of march already, asking myself howfar? by God’s grace, some have being done, plans underway for some, some I’ve being struggling with but all in all, I am on track/keeping on..
    thanks for the opportunity to write the vision here E. God bless you

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