This Gratitude thing has truly become an Attitude and Dialect…

I’m tempted to let us all keep up with this on the blog but I gotta move on with my blog content so I’ll just advise that we all keep being grateful whether it gets public or not.


Ok lezzdodis…

Btw, did you have a good week? I hope you did…

A lot of things have come into perspective for me this week and this month and I’m just grateful God has shown that he truly is interested in everything that concerns His Sugar baby!!!

Chukwu daalu…

For the last two days, I intend to do something different… Two ‘somethings’ tharris…

One of the days I’ll be doing a ‘Pay It forward…’

Meaning that I’ll share a couple of things I’m grateful for which I’m yet to see but I’m trusting to see before 2013 fades…

Then the second would be a surprise…

A surprise that should thrill us all including me…

For now tho, I’m grateful for

1. My last blogpost in which I featured Priceless… That post took me over 4hours to publish!!! I struggled with it for that long. Internet was super crappy… Almost gave up… But thank God that by Past 12am, the Post finally published. You know Priceless mentioned in the post said her life was full of drama. No surprises this post took so much drama to publish!!! Eish… I have never been so grateful to see a ‘Post published’ sign before. Phew…

2. My Pastor and Church.

David’s Christian Centre,  amuwo.

The message on wednesday was ‘The (wo)man caught in adultery’ and it really was about how our relationship with God is not and can never be based on perfection. For me, I saw way beyond the scandal involving one of the finest men of God I know Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. I looked and saw my life, my choices, my disposition to people who ‘fall’, my lovewalk… Mehn!!! I definitely adjusted and made needed amends and commitments.

These lines jumped at me

“You can find trash or treasure in any human being depending on what you are looking for…”

“God has never insisted on using perfect people cos there are none… Collect your perfect message from the imperfect vessel/messenger…”

It really is a message I wish I could share here… Like I said, it was beyond supporting or judging Pastor Biodun, it was just about what God expects from us in our Christian walk/attitude especially where there are controversies.

Ten star message. Kudos our PK abeg…

3. Whoopie!!! Just got myself a place really close to work… I’m so excited about that for very many reasons!!!

Like how cool is it to live alone??? Whoop!!! I’m too grateful that for absolutely free, I get to enjoy a new accomodation in Lekki phase one till service year is up…


Goodbye Festac… Hello Lekki…

4. All my guest bloggers!!! Major major shout out to Tani, jmad, Ify, Dumebi, Xavier and Priceless. Thanks to y’all. Major major thanks. Opened my eyes to different ways and reasons to be thankful…

And you guys also brought flava to my blog. Thank you all so much… Big fab sowie to the rest I couldn’t feature…

5. Last and defo not least, one of my besties Eniola to the world and Sapphire to me.

Err, I’ll just tell a story of what happened today…

I know I go on and on about her (and a lot of my friends) but you really can’t blame me… They are super sweet abeg…


Ok back to this goofball(For today)


She rang me up at 1.14pm asking me to join her and bidemi for lunch at Coldstone.

Granted I was on Airport road but by the time I got to Toyin street, thanks to Ikeja traffic esp not during lunchtime, lunchtime would be up… So she said since I couldn’t make it, she would send me pictures. I warned her not to dare but guess who spammed me with pix upon pix upon pix!!! Ugh!!!


These girls had ice cream and Pizza for lunch while I had Vegetable soup. 🙁

Ok, at least I got healthy and they got junk!!! And they will be so fat…


Especially Sapphire who has practically been living in Coldstone since after her wedding.



Funny enough when I showed the pictures to people I had around me, all they had to say was ‘aww she’s so fine. Pretty girl etc’

Mschewwww.  Traitors…

Ok but I’m grateful for such super sweet friendship with my super sweet Sapphire.


Please don’t be jealous.


Be happy for me… For us.

God will do your own too.

LMAO…(That’s Enny’s major laugh phrase)

Plus I have to talk about her here cos she has this HUGE crush on me. This is my way of not making her feel bad…



Someday she’ll have her day on my blog.

Before I leave, let me specially invite you to our celebration service at David’s Christian Centre.

Sunday is our Anniversary service.

Hurray!!! DCC is 17

Whoop!!! My dearly beloved church is 17. Jehovah di ebube.

7.30am and 9am services at Fatgbems bus stop Amuwo Odofin Lagos.

September is such a super amazing month for the house and we have loadsa programs lined up to celebrate.

I’ll keep y’all posted. Please feel free to join us in celebrating.

We stream all our services at www.davidschristiancentre.org

Sunday evening is also our monthly Love Dating and Marriage

LDM. 4.30pm at DCC.


This month’s theme is “Why marry?”

It is a special… So make it a date…

This Sunday would be a very good time to visit.  You know how special we treat people on our birthdays na…


Ok that’s it people…

Keep living with an Attitude of Gratitude..

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  1. Bia you and this Coldstone icecream place sef *rolling ma eyes @ u* Thanks for having me on your blog, eh I wish I could attend the anniversary service o, *sad face* would definitely stream live sha. Hugs

  2. Nne is it not Eniola that has been eating coldstone ice cream?
    Hey ya… Pls stream. It is the next best tin…
    I’m looking forward to it ooo
    Feels like my birthday
    Kisses and congrats on the gifts

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