Ok FAB family,

So as we end 2020, I wanted us to do it together and see about dropping a few more kilograms or generally just becoming more disciplined into the New Year.

Enter our latest baby

21 STRONG!!!


Incontrovertible research tells us that to BEGIN a habit out of any action, do it CONSISTENTLY for 21 days. No, you will not get to your destination in 21 days, but you would have gained some good momentum which hopefully you continue to build on.

Which is why for 21 days between November and December, we are going STRONG on our food, fitness and lifestyle.

Who is this program for?

Everyone looking to prioritize their health and fitness. You may or MAY not have weight to lose to join us. If you have been struggling to enter a workout routine, then this IS the push you need.

What do I get from this program?

– 21 day LIVE workouts over Zoom with CoachE’

– 21 day Nutrition Plan choke full of ORIGINAL CoachE’ yummy recipes

– 2 Closed Q&A sessions with CoachE’ on all things food and fitness

– 2 Interview sessions with squaddies who have successfully lost and kept off 20kg and above

– Daily Fitness Affirmations

– Access into our sistership squads on whatsapp for more fitfam education, closer accountability (Optional) so expect to form fit friendships and gain new sisters while deepening your fitfam knowledge. Yay

And a bonus whoop!!!

– A Productivity and Mommy hack webinar with Eziaha

This one will really help moms as I share from my ABSOLUTELY BLESSED and WORKING life as a Domestic Queen running a business, a home, a full life while thriving spiritually too and saying YES to Jesus and her God-given assignments.


This is so going to be fun. A lot of NEWs for me on this beat but your girl was BORN READY!!!

How much?

Well, for the Early birdies who pay at least 3 days BEFORE the program begins, you get to pay N7500 only yay!!!

For those who want to make me richer and pay later, you pay N10,000 only.

Both amounts, chicken change hehe

PLEASE NOTE that there is NOTHING CUSTOMISED on this program, and there are NO REFUNDs.

If you have a health challenge that requires a special diet, you can join in but MAY not be able to use the Nutrition Plan, and we are unable to provide customized plans for now until Next year 2021.

If you are looking for customized workout plans, this is not the program for you.

This is a SQUAD STYLE coaching and we are all using the same thing, which will give us AMAZING results

If you don’t want to lose weight, you can add more portions to my prescribed portions, or just steer clear of the nutrition plan, but rock out our workouts and enjoy all the other benefits of the program

So we will have two squads on this one

Squad A: Sunday, November 15 to December 5

Squad B: Sunday November 22 to December 12

To register, pay the amount into

CoachE Squad Ltd

Then send a whatsapp message with name and amount paid plus date to 09075256305 so we can sign you up sharply

I can’t wait for us to ROCK OUT these 21 days together.

It is going to be NEXT LEVEL, and what a beautiful gift to yourself as you enter the holidays and a New Year.

See you in the SQUAD… Let’s get STRONG together.

Pumped and Excited

Love & Prayers



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