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Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo
Health Mindset Coach at CoachE’Nation

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Nourish&Flourish Moms Club

A 6-week Support Haven for Moms raising Wellness Champions!

I know that knowledge does not automatically translate to action. Sometimes you need a little more help and hand holding. No worries, I gotcha!

Actually, Toyin Dosunmu (from the Moms like Us panel) and I together gotcha!

Barr. Toyin Dosunmu

Intentional Mom of 3 ages 11.7 and 4

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

CEO, CoachE'Nation

Join us as we welcome you to

our homes and kitchen for 6 weeks

Here’s what to expect in the Nourish&Flourish haven!

‘Kitchen hours’ are Tuesdays 6am and Saturdays 6pm all WAT

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Annnnnnnd if you live in or can make it to Lagos, an opportunity for a LIVE Nourish&Flourish hangout with Eziaha and Toyin!


Value = N100,000

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This is a beta group and so will be the cheapest price point ever. Subsequent cohorts will cost me so join us today.
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Cohort 2

Sun. March 17 - Sat. April 27, 2024

Two Quick Questions

1. Are you feeding your kiddos LIFE or DEATH with every meal?

2. Is there ‘death in your pot’? (2 Kings 4 v 40)

Once I saw a 12-year old weighing 88kg in my Clinic. I greeted her ‘Good afternoon, Ma’. But her Mom replies jokingly ‘Doctor, don’t mind her o, she is your patient. She is just fat!”
Dr Titilayo Kayode-Alabi
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In the past, whenever I saw overweight or obese children, I would feel guilty for judging them. And it is easy for us to say nothing when we see things like this because hey, who talks about a child’s weight?


It is NOT looking good for our children.

Actually, it is GETTING WORSE!

You’re wrong to be silent because in this current and worsening Health Crisis, our precious children will be the WORST HIT if we don’t act FAST!

So we are NOT judging, we speak up because we LOVE our CHILDREN!

In the past Diabetes was reserved for the older folks, 50, 60years and above especially as a result of their diet over the years. Today, the statistics show that more children are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes!
Dr Tolu Taiwo
General Practitioner with two decades experience
Some things that were a pain point for me in my kids diet was - intolerance of certain foods, allergies and picky eating. However, many parents are quick to say ‘My child is a picky eater’ but the original percentage of Picky eaters is way less than we think. There are many aspects to Child Nutrition that many of us do not consider.
Ifeyinwa Omesiete
US based Paediatric Nutritionist

I decided to say YES to this burden and I invite you to join me in this 2-day “Wellness Revival” tagged

Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures!

Equipping Parents to raise ‘Wellness Champions’ for life.

This event has already taken place but you can have access to the replay.

These Institutions trust Eziaha

Meet Eziaha (Many people Call Me CoachE')

Eziaha, KingDaveed 8, and ElJohn 6

If there is something people say a lot about me, it is that I am one INTENTIONAL and CONSISTENT  Jesus Girl. However, when it comes to feeding my kiddos, I was not always this way.

Like most moms, as my kids transitioned from breast-milk into semi-solids and solids, I went with the flow… cereals, biscuits, packaged juices, sausages, fries, ketchup and so on.

It was what every Millennial Mom did and I wanted to be cool too even though it hurt my finances, never mind their health.

Different instances made me start to ask the simple and powerful question WHY?

And as I bravely embraced the answers, I radically changed things at home from the kitchen.

While it was relatively easier to keep my home healthy, completely eliminating junk from my kiddo’s lunch boxes and when they were out in public was a whole different beast.

But this mom was resilient.

Today, by the grace of God, my children are sickness-free and thriving. Whether inside or outside the home, the Bolaji-Olojo kiddos are ‘Wellness Champions’.

"A Wellness Champion is like a superhero for healthy eating. They're the cool kids who love yummy, nutritious food and make it look super fun. But what makes them even more awesome is that they help their friends discover the joy of eating healthy too. They do it by being super friendly and never bossy. They show everyone that being healthy is a cool adventure that we can all enjoy together!"

God has given us the free gift of Health. What you do with it is your responsibility and it requires wisdom and discipline. Even the most powerful gift and vision is useless in an incapacitated body.
Timi Mogaji
Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre

In this 2-day “Wellness Revival”, get ready to pick my brain and get my practical, Godly, Psychological and research-backed wisdom from over 7 years of being extremely intentional about how I feed my children, with LIFE in every bite!

and I am joined by 9 Amazing ‘Wellness Revivalists’ in 3  Panel Sessions

This is something that bothers my mind as a School teacher, seeing what some children bring to school. We are what we eat and so we see how their diet impacts their energy levels, mood swings and concentration in class. While some kind of food may be ‘convenient’ and present an easy way out for the parents, it has an impact on the way they learn negatively.
Mrs. Oluwateniola Victor-Bassey.
Early years Teacher with 12 years of Classroom experience
On Thursdays are the only days we allow the children to have ‘juice’ in their lunch box. On Thursdays are also the days when, from Noon, the children get hyper-active and cannot easily be controlled. Which is why any other day they bring those drinks, we send it back home with them.
Favor Ezebuchi
School Owner with 9 years classroom experience

Eziaha’ unique approach to coaching!

As a US Certified Health Mindset Coach and Prenatal/Post-natal Fitness Specialist (with a Habits Coaching certification due December 2023), I go beyond the obvious ‘eat this not that’ and delve deep into mindsets and habits that change something in the way you think which then directly impacts what you do in a way that any change is lasting.

Forever Results? Now that’s our goal at CoachE’ Nation!

 By now, you are most likely tired of any change that is short-lasting and unsustainable!

This approach is how I not only get my results but keep them.

In 2015, six months after I had my first son, I lost 30kg in over four months, and I have kept it off since then.

100s of women have been directly coached by me to a healthier lifestyle and thousands more have been impacted through my content online.

Everything that has kept me successful over the past 7 years and counting is what I want to bring into this 2-day Wellness Revival!

As a mom, I know the struggles of keeping our children joyfully on the ‘straight and narrow’ healthy path, BUT I also know the possibilities and wins when we persist.

It was a WOW experience in the school when KingDaveed and ElJohn had their Portfolio presentation talking about Healthy Living. It is obvious that they already know that Junks are a ‘No-no as a lifestyle in your family. And it showed in the way they learned in class. Not for once did I see KingDaveed doze off in class, or show up in the morning looking tired. What our children eat affect the way they learn!
Mrs. Oluwateniola Victor-Bassey (My son's teacher)
Early years Teacher with 12 years Classroom experience

Yes, my son won the BEST in his Portfolio presentation talking about Healthy Living!

I can help you raise "Wellness Champions" for life, so let’s do this!!!

Would have happily done this for free but I wanted you to INVEST in yourself and give you an opportunity to show your gratitude and say ‘Thank you, Eziaha’.

What you said during the Live Awake conference with DDK (Debola Deji-Kurunmi) gave me so much conviction that I had to reorganize everything my family eats at that time. It's been 2 years since I made that decision and I can tell you Coach, we don't miss the fizzy drinks, all the crap I used to put in my children's lunch box is over now. I give them water, juices and veggies to take to school.

My children are better for it, my children are growing well not just adding unnecessary weight. I remember what you said during the conference that if "weight loss is your only goal, then that's a weak goal".

When I started, I went cold turkey, and my husband caught on it. I live in Canada and most of the stores are lined up with junk and all manner of temptation, but now I spend most of my time in the fruits and veggies section in the supermarket, I am so proud of myself.

Its been a wonderful healthy living journey for us. I am beyond delighted that we have been 2 years junk food free. Now my family and friends know not to feed my children junk!!!
Dokun Nochironye (Mrs Noch)
Family Life Coach, Canada
Our ‘Wellness Champions’ Panel
1. The Professionals

The objective of this panel is to get real, hardcore data from professionals in the hospitals who can show us the immediate and long-term impact of food on our children

Dr Tolu Taiwo

General Practitioner with two decades of experience

"The cloths, shoes, houses and cars ultimately get old and dated. The only thing with a lasting impact - good or bad - in our lives remain the food we eat. I know thriving 80-year olds and 60 year olds with many challenges. The difference is how they have handled their bodies over the years."

Ifeyinwa Omesiete.

US based Paediatric Nutritionist

My focus is to educate parents on the role of clinical nutrition in our kids, encouraging parents to try new things and the power food has to heal and take care of the body

Dr. Titilayo Kayode-Alabi

Paediatrician with 10 years experience

When a 6year old weighs 64kg and the 4year old brother weighs 45kg, I worry a lot for them. Some moms celebrate their overweight children and have concerns for the normal weight child

2. Who’s that Mom?

Here, we chat with Moms like you and I who are raising ‘Wellness Champions’ with intentionality right at home.

Barr. Toyin Dosunmu

Intentional Mom of 3 ages 11.7 and 4

Tosin Sanni

Mom to a 5 year old healing from food allergies.

Dr. Ezinne Okwulehie

Mom to a 4-year old after waiting for 10years and losing twins
3. The Influencers

These super women will bring their years of experience directly interacting and influencing with kids outside the home to teach us how and why we must do better at home in this all-important team work!

Favour Ezebuchi

School Owner with 9 years of classroom experience

Mrs. Oluwateniola Victor-Bassey.

Early years Teacher with 12 years Classroom experience

Favor Uche-Collins

Sunday School Teacher with over 2 decades experience
Your Day One Buffet
Your Day Two Buffet
Yes we fight junk on my home. We have a standing rule of junk only on Fridays. Fridays are typically movies nights and it's usually accompanied by pizza. And that's the only day they take biscuits or "drinks" to school. Typically their school snacks are homemade donuts, waffles, baked goods and fruits. And on Fridays it's an item per day. So if it's popcorn, biscuit or drink, it's always one item. And I never buy them. All these things are gotten from party packs received in school.

However I should let you know that this was a recent strategy cos I noticed that they started acting in a funny way I didn't like around these things when we go out, and I didn't want to deprive them in a way that when they got out of my home that was gonna be their no 1 priority. So that’s why I adjusted.
Barr. Toyin Dosunmu
Intentional Mom of 3 ages 11.7 and 4
‘Back then my kids would say, ‘Mummy, but everybody brings so-so drink and biscuit to school except me’ to which I would reply ‘That’s fine for them but not for you. You are a Bolaji-Olojo and are different and set apart as a ‘Preserved Generation’. Today, to the glory of God, I am raising ‘Wellness Champions’.
Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo
Health Mindset Coach at CoachE’Nation
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Connect with Eziaha

About Eziaha

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo is on a mission to help you embrace your best life every day. With a heart devoted to her faith, a passion for stay at home moms, and Healthy living expertise, she certainly lives her best life everyday.

Eziaha wears many hats. As a US-Certified Health Mindset Coach and the visionary behind CoachE’Nation, she’s not just about ‘weight loss’ but instead is all about building a ‘For-Purpose body.’ By fusing mindsets and habits with diet and exercise know-how, she delivers ‘Forever Results’ that go beyond the scale.

Thousands of individuals, families, and even corporate teams have benefited from her unique approach.

Eziaha thrives as a God’s Domestic Queen, reigning supreme in her household, and mentors other stay-at-home moms to joyful productivity in structured mentoring programs. Through her online presence, she reaches a global audience of GDQs.

As a Jesus Girl, Eziaha radiates her love for Christ in everything she does. At Daystar Christian Centre, she rocks out Leadership into meaningful service. As Founder of The WILD, a thriving community of praying Sisters, she expresses her faith even further.

A true champion for intentionality, Eziaha firmly believes in the power of systems and structures. She’s a bonafide ‘Discipline Queen,’ and enjoys helping women craft an orderly and elegant life design. With her, say goodbye to stress and overwhelm and say hello to joy and productivity.

But she’s not all business—Eziaha’s creative side shines through as a Writer, YouTuber, and content creator. You have a ticket to her valuable content and lively personality on her various online platforms. When she’s not changing lives or creating valuable content, you’ll find her immersed in a really good book, her many journals and highlighters. Her circle of sister-friends is a testament to her love for deep connections, and her enthusiasm for the fitfam lifestyle will make you a Fan too.

Married for an incredible ten years, Eziaha, her husband, and their two energetic sons, call Lagos, Nigeria home. In her world, faith, family, and fitness blend seamlessly, creating a life she absolutely adores, spilling over inspiration to millions around the globe.

So, if you’re ready to trade chaos for order, stress for joy, and enjoy your life,  Eziaha is your girl. Connect with her at Eziaha.com and let the journey to your best life begin!

I lost 30kg in 4months.
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