#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now. I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for […]


Hey yawwwwwl!!! If you feel breathless after reading this POST, It is because I am writing it soooo super fast. Hahaha Ok so our FIRST Propel meeting was EVERYTHING!!! Walahi, I have not even recovered from it. Every thing I want to do now, I filter through the wisdom I garnered BOTH from the videos […]

The N5,000 JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO… Questions answered!!!

Hey Darling, Thank you for indicating interest in the JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO with CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB Ok so here are your questions answered. I hope and pray you read through carefully and then make your decision as you are led by God… I am breaking this down as easily as possible. It is a […]