Holla LIEBSTER… Part two.

Hello LEIBSTER… I have gotten quite some other nominations but I didn’t quite feel up to doing posts on them as they required. Especially as I have done three awards posts already… Here, here and here So I thanked the readers and moved on… But when I got this one from my main chica, Inthe… […]

Mentoring at THAT level…

Recently some things have been happening to me that inspired this post. Two instances I would like to share with us all and draw out the lessons from it. I am currently serving in a college in lagos. It is one of those elite schools with aje-butter kids and stuff. They don’t let Corpers teach […]

…but we KNOW…

BUT WE KNOW Nicodemus’s (hereafter known as (Bros) Nico) story in John chapter 3  has always amazed me even as a child in Sunday school class at my Parents Anglican church, which by the way still misses me (can you Imagine biko nu). I recall my teacher then telling us how we needed to be […]