Your WHOLE LIFE, you've been


(and I’m so sorry!)

Detox Before CoachE'

❌ Feeling deprived
❌ Lethargic
❌ Starvation
❌ Sleeping all day
❌ Rumble-in-your-tummy

Detox WITH CoachE'

✅ E for Energy
✅ Sprightly Springily Steps
✅ Glowing Skin
✅ Weight management
✅ Lightness instead of bloated tummy

And that’s only PHYSICAL

And that’s only PHYSICAL

Physiological WINS from
Detox With CoachE’!

✅ Get rid of Body Waste!

✅ Flush Body with Nutrients!

✅ Optimize Body Metabolism!

See results from our last Power Up Fire On detox

Here’s your solution!


CoachE’s 5-Day Raw Food Detox!

Mon-Fri, December 4-8, 2023

And God said: “I give you every seed-bearing plant growing throughout the earth, vegetables, and every fruit-bearing tree with its seed within itself. They will be your food.”

Genesis 1 v 29 TPT

Some of the most powerful cars in the WORLD!

But your BODY, created by GOD, is the most powerful, most hardworking, most complicated and PRICELESS machine ever created (Sorry Bugatti, Aston Martin and Porsche)
But, don’t be tempted to OVER-WORK it so that it doesn’t crash on you!

The Body works so hard!
A DETOX is a perfect ‘on-schedule’ servicing for your body!

Power Up, Fire On! is strategically beginning at the start of a new month so you can generate all that energy, lose the excess weight where applicable and fire on with power into the rest of the month!

Who should DETOX?

✅ Everybody that eats (D’uh!)

✅ We the FitFam crew

✅ ‘Oh-gosh-my-diet-needs-help’ eaters (I gotcha)

✅ The ‘I-want-to-lose-weight-fast-and-build-on-it’ crew! (Expect to lose between 2-5kg if weight loss is a goal for you)

✅ All of us who want to maintain a NORMAL life while cleansing the body!

God (to humanity): Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant that grows on the earth and every fruit-bearing tree. They will be your food and nourishment.

Genesis 1 v 29 VOICE

What you’re getting from CoachE’ at


✅ A comprehensive 5-day raw food diet guide plus recipes (Worth at least $50)

✅ Daily Zoom Check-ins with CoachE’ (Priceless)

✅ Shopping list

✅ Private access to a closed Facebook group!

✅ Professional tips to amp-it-up or tone-it-down depending on your budget, season and weight goals (aka, everyone can do this)

❌ No deprivation.
❌ No starvation.
❌ No ‘I’m-seeing-my-ancestors’ type of hunger

I have provided all kinds of fruit and grain for you to eat.

Genesis 1 v 29 CEV

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Hi, I’m Eziaha.
Many people call me CoachE’!

I am a Health Coach, with passion and expertise that goes beyond nutrition, diet and exercises, to the mindset and psychology of health coaching.

I am CEO and Founder at CoachE’ Nation, a Health Coaching company that’s focused on helping women (and men) build their For-Purpose Body by moving them from reactive approaches (For example, I want to lose weight, or I am sick and the Doctor advised me to change my diet), to proactive measures (I want to optimize my already working health, and stay healthy till Jesus comes).

This has pushed me to get certified in various Health Coaching programs, including prenatal health, and most recently, the hugely acclaimed HMCC that is Health Mindset Coaching Certification!

I love Jesus, my family, healthy eating and great sister-friendships. If you call me a Bookworm, you’re probably right as I am constantly on a knowledge quest, acquiring and applying new information to better my life and the amazing women and organizations I get to coach/lead.

If you cut me open, I probably bleed green! Green for HEALTH!

And when I’m not coaching, writing, creating content for my blogs and YouTube channel, or serving in the various Organizations I get to lead, you would find me enjoying my ‘family of mens’ right at home!

There’s more about me on

PS: I have been doing a 3-7 day detox monthly for almost 2 years now, while still carrying out my full daily responsibilities because I don’t think a detox should be the end of your productivity!

I lost 30kg in 4months.
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