Don’t STOP!!!

Hello Saints. Happy New Year. Today, I’m bringing back a blogpost I did some ten years ago during the Yuletide season.


Let’s read.

Today dear allow me to be your preacher girl…

I won’t be asking you to open your bible to any book but every word here would drip of the word…
Ok I have been AWOL… Pardon me boo, I’ve been counting my blessings as I rounded up school- Exams, project, defence, and stuff… I’m not sure I’m back to regular blogging as my modem got super glue destroyed and so I’m using WordPress for blackberry and its annoying. After typing this post the first time, it disappeared. I wanted to give up and then I knew that I would be agreeing with the Devil… I love what this blogpost is about. He’s tryna stop it… But nah… I gotta get word out. So I started typing again… Not easy i tell ya but tz worth it ( I pray). And I’m open to a modem as an EARLY xmas gift… I’m still oddly biased to MTN. Iono why.

So it is December already…christmas bells ringing beauriful. I already have a fabulous gown for Christmas day. As usual, chew and swallow your comment and opinion on my xmas dress slowly… Lols. Christmas trees are being hung and decorated…I haven’t really been out so I have not seen what falomo and ajose adeogun especially have been marvellously transformed to by Lagos state government, MTN, Zenith bank etc…

But oh! Today December one, I have been inundated with all sortsa broadcasts, tweets and messages… Happy new month and stuff. Today I wanna say Happy new month too but I also wanna say Don’t stop!!! Keep the Faith!!! Don’t give up!!!

Hope makes a fantastic brekkie but a sucker dinner… I’ll explain…

I recall how 2012 began… Oh my!!! For a lot of us, it began with a lot of hope. We made plans and dreams… Resolutions and prayer requests. Twas a brand new year with endless opportunities and possibilities… Anything was possible. We knew just how we wanted the year to turn out for us and our loved ones… And we prayed as such. I recall cross over night. Twas amazing. I screamed, sang, danced and looked for trouble. I even remember shedding tears a bit after PK made an altar call and people, almost 100 came to give their lives to the One who owns it anyways. I remember praying that God would help them in this new walk with Him. I even remember secretly envying them. Cos starting the year with a new dramatic birth is glorious. PK’s cross over message was awesome too. Oh my!!!

But if crossover was awesome, it had nothing on the first few days in 2012… In DCC, we have this program we do every start of the year for a week…Gaining Momentum… Twas the first I’ll be attending and it was spectacular for me cos of the line up of ministers… Three generations of greatness… All in one meeting… Wow… It was spectacular because of their relationship with each other and my relationship with them. Rev. Victor Adeyemi is Rev. Albert Oduwole’s ‘father’ and Albert is Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo’s “father”… All three were ministering. I must confess, I am not a fan of preachers I don’t know. The rest of the ministers I didn’t know but I know that PK would not just bring any kain person to minister in church. By the time they were done, wow I was blown away.

… Gaining momentum was crazy good. I listened to the messages over and over again especially from the big3… Esp Victor Adeyemi’s message on light and how he linked it to momentum. That word was an anchor for me. I swear I can preach all 3messages in my sleep… I listened to them ooo. Chai… Even till now. And I applied them.

The year was off to a great start. I even went on a personal retreat. God gave me specific instructions… I tabled my requests for 2012. I wrote all down. I kept confessing it round the year.
This leap year 2012 was going to be all that and then some… I had a mindset of “bring it on Devil if u dare…”
I’m double d-sure we all started 2012 with so much hope for it. Plenty prayer requests we wanted granted by December.

January 2012 was our brekkie and hope for brekkie was welcome. What better time to cook up hope than the start of a brand new month in a brand new year.

Let’s call December 2012 our dinner and like I said, hope makes a sucker dinner.

Don’t get it twisted… I had an amazing year

… Fabulous… Did I get answers to all the requests? Nope… Then unconsciously, my head didn’t wanna be fed hope for dinner so some of the pending requests especially the ones that seemed impossible, it had wiped them off and transferred to next year.

Interestingly I have a confession journal and I had been confessing all the requests for d better part of the year daily. At some point I stopped. I had recorded over 60 percent victory… The rest were stuff I knew could happen before year end. But like 2, I had carried over ooo. Infact one I had struck off.
About 3weeks ago. My sister called. Discussed something with me… I told her what I thought. Incidentally it was the request I had tossed completely. But I didn’t quite do the connection. I just started working on what my sis said. Two days ago God said to me ‘baby, do you realise that you had this request up for 2012 and even though you stopped believing and confessing, I didn’t give up on you…” It hit me. God made what I thought couldn’t happen again especially as it didn’t start earlier, happen in a few weeks. I pondered again on the faithfulness of this God even when we are unfaithful…

This God, bankable…reliable…dependable…faithful..
Amazing… (More adjectives please!)
I was just wow-ed. Incidentally it was the same time a darling friend Tunde sent me a picture that called God El-Romantique… The God that takes my breath away…

My message is simple… Keep the faith… Keep hope alive. God is a God of impossibilities. He knows how to make a way where there seems to be no way… He’s the WAY MAKER… I love the red sea and Israelites story. He made the way EXCLUSIVELY for them. They passed through easily. Don’t reduce the incredulity in that story because we have gotten used to it. That is a miracle even by today’s standards despite technological advancements. A MIRACLE. And then when the philistines tried to cross, He asked them “na road be dis?” Mscheww. And He closed the road (PK has an amazing way with the bible stories hehehe). Twas an exclusive way… I love exclusive ways… Exclusive miracles. Iono about you ooo. Only me miracles. He makes the way for a miracle which now takes my breathe away…

El-Romantique and Way maker are the two names shacking me now for my God. Feel free to use with me jare.

Sometimes we consider time… Time is going. December is here. The year is almost gone. Bla bla bla. But God is not controlled or disturbed by earthly timings. He lives in eternity. He created time, stepped outta time and controlled time. And like Rev Victor said then, God can rewind time, he can pause time and he can accelerate time. Time is His to manipulate. His timing is best. Stay in faith. He can do it even on the 31st. He’s a way maker remember…
Do your part. That’s all He asks of you… Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop faithing. Don’t stop sowing. Don’t stop giving. Don’t stop serving. Our God is a FAITHFUL God. A Jehovah too faithful. He answers prayers. If not immediately, ultimately…



Don’t limit Him. Don’t try to figure Him out.
Keep confessing what you want to see before the year runs out. Stay in faith and be thankful. You get it before 2012 is up, hallelujah!!! If not, believe again in 2013.
Just trust Him enough to know that He is always on time and always on point…
Recently God showed me something in a dream. Something I was almost giving up on. I knew He wanted me to hold on still.

I love Damita Haddon’s ‘Holding on ‘. Download it if possible. Feed your faith with spiritual songs and the Word. Starve your doubts. Stay away from the negatives.

Can God? Yes!!! Yes Love, God can…


With you, in the place of praying, confessing, believing… And receiving…


This blogpost is dedicated to an amazing blogger and medical student, Kemi… Your avalanche of blogposts pushed me to write today. Goodluck with your 40day challenge. I fitn’t. Make everybody hold their papa name… Hehehe. Kemi blogs at www.kemmiiii.com Amazing blog… Uber-amazing girl.


Please can we make all the congratulatory and greeting messages short and to the friggin’ point? Especially this Xmas. All the long prayers just pray them for us in your mind and if you must send a BC, a simple ‘happy new month. God bless u this month’ or something like that. When tz too long, it gets borrrriiiinnnng… And gosh HNM??!!…. What happened to good ol’ HAPPY NEW MONTH… All these abbreviation sha… Only HBD sounds good enough. HML HWA GGMUB TYL and the rest SUCK… This Christmas I’m sure I’ll see ‘MC&HNY” mschewww.


Tomorrow December 2, an amazing monthly program is up at DCC…Love, Dating and Marriage (LDM) and the title of this last one for 2012 is “Relationships that won’t work” DCC is at amuwo, by fatgbems filling station just off the Oshodi apapa express way. Looking forward to it.
Come if you can. LDM is always an amazing time. 4.30pm.



MANners… This one deserves a full blog post… I hope I get around to doing it but if not, Pastor M has done a fine job with it…
On her blog here. Post title is MUMU BUTTON… http://justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/mumu-button/ Hilarious lesson filled write up…
I have also updated my “Fab upcoming events” column with details on the program. So visit that column on my blog for details…
My last blogpost also talked some abourrit I think…

When I count my 2012 blessings, I count y’all twice. The amazing people I have met off my blog and also on blogsville…
Thank you for always reading, publicising and sending me the sweetest messages on and offline. Daalu nu. Thank you.

Gosh I typed this whole blogpost again. After the first disappeared into thin air thanks to wordpress for bb… If this one disappears… Well it won’t… Hehehe. I’m frigging tired. Now to upload…

the Fab Sis tweets as @eziahaA…

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    December 1, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    Thank you dear fab sister!

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      December 1, 2012 at 6:00 pm

      You, thank you!!! #preaching

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    December 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Wow! I think I’ve got my own MMF just by reading through your post. Lovely one…great to know that faith never ends. Particularly like the analogy of brekkie and dinner.

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      December 2, 2012 at 1:57 pm

      Aww thank you boooooo… Muah

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