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#update: TFS Mentoring Academy

Hello people,

Today I have a quick update regarding the blog post on TFS Mentoring Academy which i did a week ago.

So this is SPECIFICALLY for everyone that has applied and I would like to say, thank you for taking out time to send in your applications.

Based on the information given on the previous post, you were suppose to get an email if you are SHORTLISTED but that didn’t happen.

I know that a lot of you, would have checked your email ten times if not more and I apologise for that.

So please, be on the lookout because emails will be sent out this week before Thursday, for everyone shortlisted for the Mentorship program.

Also take note that, we would be having our first meeting on Thursday night by 9:00 – 10:30 p.m .

I’m super excited about meeting everyone that will chosen and also about the journey you are about to begin.

To the BEST version of YOU


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