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Let’s make GETTING FAT easy.

Hello yawl,

Excited to write this today.

I’m so excited at what God is doing in His daughters as we enter this New decade and we really must be aligned to get EVERYTHING.

One thing I’m really trying to do in this season is brutally eliminate even more distractions from my life so I can focus even more ruthlessly on whatever God needs to have my focus.

And I know for sure one thing that should have my focus is THE WORD.

One way to ensure that is to make distractions harrrrdddddd. Meaning make it really hard to be distracted.

I am reminded of the scripture that says cut off your hands or pluck out your eyes if it causes you to sin. While we may not be literally able to do that, we can pluck out the things that cause our eyes and hands be distracted.

Then make the things that should be focused on easy.

Let me drive it home using two examples:


During the break, I enjoyed a few interviews and daytime and even night time TV programs, mostly American on YouTube. I love the Obamas so I just stalked them across talk show hosts. I also recently fell in love with Oprah and Gayles friendship so there was more stalking along those lines.

Trust YouTube to now be suggesting all sorts of related content until it completely crowded out All my fave preachers.

So now, I use the little button that says DONT SHOW THIS AGAIN so such content don’t appear on my timeline to tempt me.

Plucked out. Cut off. Gone.

A second is with my phone in general.

The Echo App in particular.

I took my time to fully load the app with all my structured prayers by the day, my daily musts, my 2020 swords meaning all the scriptures I am warring with in this season, and so on. Then I set regular reminders so I get prompts all through my day to pray.

I made prayer and the word very easy to navigate on my phone. Say I have some downtime somewhere and I am about to get distracted with chats on my phone, my echo reminder comes in and I just find a prayer point or scripture or confession and pray instead.

This can also happen in the toilet. You can decide that instead of chatting, take your phone in with you but stay on the app. Works also with the Bible App. This may also involve you deleting other distracting apps on your phone. For example I don’t have Facebook, Instagram, twitter or any game on my phone. So really I’ve made distractions hard.

I also have my book reader apps so if I need to be on my phone, I am either reading a book on Kobo, watching a sermon on YouTube, praying on Echo, or reading the word.

Either way, I’m getting the word in like a steady infusion

I saw a scripture this morning in my prayer time that for some reason I had never seen in that light

“You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you.”
‭‭John‬ ‭15:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Jesus tells us that he either cuts off or prunes us so we can hear much fruit and this process happens based on the message which is the word of God.

So if I am not sure what needs to completely go or be pruned, then I just need to read more and more of the word.


All the answers we need in this life would only come when we spend crazy time in the word
I like something one of my wild sisters said about the word in the group

This is the year we are FULL OF THE WORD and to do this, we would need to fight distractions well and then make it easily accessible to us.

Thankfully technology has made us inexcusable so let’s use technology to be fed fat on the word.

That’s the only kind of fat we need in this decade
And if you are dealing with body fat, I got ya at CoachE’Squad.

We have several programs

Cheers to being fed fat on the WORD

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