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Meet The Disciples….Tolu’s Journey so far.

“In 2019, I am EVOLVING based on your leadership…. I am evolving ,blooming and reaching depths I never reached in my entire life. This year, I move closer to my dreams like never before…”

The above line is my introductory note in my journal.

Before I go on,
Please grab a chair, and sit with me and allow me to tell you how I am EVOLVING because this is going to a be long read!

I recall the day mama said ‘I’m the T in Extra’ hahaha! I’m holding on to that forever! Lol… My name is Tolu Oladejo but most people call me Toolzzzz aka Mini E’.

Last year, I was shocked when mama E’ shut down all the virtual groups where we served, I thought that was the end of my relationship and season with her. I was bothered, not sure how to navigate 2019, I just patiently waited. Then in December 2018, she brought out a post requesting for Disciples to mentor. I was already IN before I even started to process the criterias and what nots.

See, I am aware God means business with me and I could not be stupid to miss this opportunity! Was it going to be tough and intense ? Yes!, But was it going to transform me into that KIND of woman who I aspire to be ?… heck Yes! My spirit was in already, my body was still draaaging, but I knew my emotions were going to catch up with me later on.

The journey so far being in the Discipleship mentoring bootcamp has been INTENSE, STRETCHING and beautifully GROWING me. I will be breaking down all the areas that has impacted me richly.

  1. I have learnt to conciously WRITE everything down. I respect the wisdom in my life enough to document it. So I journal everything that I am being taught. I don’t expect I will remember everything, but in a book, I collect the finest purest teachings and from time to time meditate on it. I’m also daily living off a list, having a list and prioritising the important things keeps me productive. Knowing exactly what to do helps me take charge of my day and manage my hours better.
  2. For the longest time I felt I had a problem
    reading the bible, I thought it was boringggg and I would usually read and just forget. When we were asked to read the 365 bible – that is read a chapter or two of the bible daily ( OT and NT). I was like ‘wow just kee me’, lol now that’s no longer the case, I’m proud to say the insights and lessons I have garnered from daily readings, I can write a mini book on Genesis and Exodus, no jokes. I have learnt a lot from traditions to stories to laws and just understanding the books of the bible so far. I know studying is my strength, I never read anything casually, so I don’t just read the bible, I make sure I set time aside to journal so I never forget what I read. Walking through Genesis and now in leviticus, I feel so edified. Before the end of the year, I will be so full of the word.
  3. I remember the first day mama told us about daily musts “I was like woah! super cool”. The thing with setting ‘daily musts’ is, you don’t want to overload your day to overwhelm you and you don’t want to under load cause it’s not going to stretch you…so there needs to be a balance. Daily musts STRETCH my entire life inserts tears 😭, most times I believe I’m done for the day but actually no!…my daily must stares at me like “you lie girl”. Daily we get to report in a virtual group with scores on what we did and did not do, it’s really not a joking sturvs. At the end of each week, our percentages are calculated and recorded. I love love how daily musts help me strive towards progress in my life not necessarily perfection. Most importantly, I have plan that guides my everyday.
  4. On reading, I can say this one too has been a major stretch especially as I am a slow reader. But we get to read a book for the month as a group, and review it together month end. Part of my goals each month is to read atleast two books, that’s just amazing cause the standards are higher now and I’m more intentional while reading.
  5. On setting quaterly goals and weekly reviews/monthly reviews. I have always known about goal settings and all, I sometimes set goals on a few areas of my life but I’m usually not disciplined enough to follow through to end. Now, the game has changed cause we don’t just get to set goals but we set S.M.A.R.T goals and we share it with each other so we are accountable to each other, then we get to review our goals and plans weekly and once a month. You see it’s no joke, the fact you have a deadline puts a healthy pressure on you. So, it’s help me focus because I know that more than even sharing my reviews and feedback with others, I know that I’m doing this for ME and achieving something tangible with results to show for it.
  6. I also appreciate that the Discipleship bootcamp has enriched me with my friends and just a community of thriving sisters! It’s amazing I tell you. I look around and I know I’m not alone in this journey. We have accountability partners on the team too who make the journey interesting cause you get to have someone who steady keeps you accountable and you keep them accountable too.
  7. On discipleship teachings, we have a virtual group which sits some of our weekly meetings, and teachings. There, Mama E’ shares pratical wisdom that she applies in various areas and capacities of her life, and share what works for her, so that we can apply those principles to our own lives. The teachings mama drops are downloaded right from heaven, mama is wisdom on two walking legs. She shares her life with us expressively and fully, she shares how she navigates life with mentors, friendships, visions and assignments.. Everything she teaches is deeply rooted on the foundation of the word of God.

Discipleship is taught me that growth and comfort do not coexist in the same place.

I am privileged to be closely mentored by a leader I admire, respect and loveeeeee. Discipleship has taught me alot of things about leadership and life in itself. I am gleaning virtue from a woman who is fearless in the pursuit of that which sets her soul on fire. My life is beautifully progressing and taking shape, taking a resemblance of purpose and a predictable outcome. Some days I sit down and ask myself, Is this really me? I am still so shocked.

On serving, I have learnt not to shrink myself, I live fully!. It has taught me to be proactive mentally, it has helped me with opinion management, it has taught me how to treat people, how to work with a team, be discerning and most importantly how to see God in every situations in life.

I have learnt to eliminate EXCUSES from my dictionary too.

Service too has helped shaped my character. A lot of times, service is uncomfortable. I make sacrifices and go to lengths to make sure a project is executed. I do what needs to be done. Service has taught me to be responsible and to be a woman of integrity. Service has matured my character greatly. I have learned to do the right thing irrespective of who is watching or whether or not I am praised for it.

There’s alot to share, but let me stop here. Thank you for walking with me through my journey so far, it’s been only 3 months but mehn! this girl has GROWN!! I’m really full, you can tell right! I’m most importantly grateful for this opportunity to be given a roadmap while I navigate through life.



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    Opeyemi Olubode
    May 14, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    I really want to apply for discipleship. I hope
    I’m not late .

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