Domestic Queens: Meet our 10 AMAZING #PowwowWithE’ Speakers and Emcee

I’m kinda shaking as I type this. It feels unreal. But hey let’s do this… On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, my God-vision (which we are in the process to trademark) POWWOW with E’ will be hosting 100 stay at home moms to a fruitful hangout tagged FINISH STRONG START STRONGER… We gave some pre-information right here last week and today, we get to dish out our Speakers!!! All AMAZING 10 of them. And of course, our Compere. So you guys recall when I shared that at my last POWWOW in Abuja, JUST TWO WOMEN showed up? Like I got on a whole plane, paid for two return tickets for baby and me, and only 2 women turned up. Anyways, we had a blast and on my flight back on Tuesday, the Holy Spirit started to download details for the next one and this time, He told me to plan for 100. Ridiculous!!! There were 2 women at my last one and my Daddy says PLAN FOR 100?!?!?! Lol. Anyways, He downloads EVERY LAST DETAIL and once I landed, I started to write them down. Shared with my team. We had our first of our now weekly meetings at 1.30am that … Continue reading Domestic Queens: Meet our 10 AMAZING #PowwowWithE’ Speakers and Emcee