100 Domestic Queens Hangout… Pre-info :)

Chhhhhhhiiiilllllllleeeeeeee…. No you gotta say it right. Lower the octave of your voice, then drag it like you wanna say CHILD but end with an e instead and with a smile… Let’s do it again… Chhhhhhhhiiiiiiilllllllllllllleeeeeeeeee!!!! We been hard at work Chileeeeee, my team and I , and I’m super excited to FINALLY let a part of the cat out of the bag… So come Tuesday, Dec 4, we will be hosting an Fruitful hangout for Stay at home moms in Lagos. 100 Domestic Queens 10 Speakers 1 Purpose Finish Strong, Start Stronger Can’t let out the speakers yet but let’s just say we are going here, there and everywhere as we equip our Domestic Queens with useful knowledge in various areas of their lives that will not just help them finish 2018 in strength but also start 2019 stronger, as a wife, mom, mompreneur, chick, etx. It gets better!!! It’s FREE!!! Oh it gets BEST!!! Every Domestic Queen leave with a solid gift in the spirit of Christmas. Let me tell you what is exciting about God. He saw December 4, 2018 even BEFORE I WAS BORN… He saw me frustrated 3years ago and was like Chhhiiiiiilllllllleeeeeeee, hang in … Continue reading 100 Domestic Queens Hangout… Pre-info :)