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MomPreneur Diaries Day 1… My JESUS time under THREAT!!!

Hey guys

Day 1 of my Mom-Preneur Diaries and I figured, let’s take it right from the TOP, the most important factor in any MomPreneur’s life, and that is the simple fact that WE NEED JESUS. And ironically, one of the first things that get affected in any mom’s life is her JESUS TIME. I mean, I know we should be communing with Jesus all day, but you know we all have those times when we just get away to be with Him alone, for most of us, right early before the day begins.

Me today

Throw a new baby in the mix, and my Jesus, our Bibles and journals almost fly out the window. Throw a business/job that you gotta do from home, and we are spiraling down the path where we almost lose our salvation. Ok I am exaggerating, but it helps my point. By the way, this probably applies to even moms who rock a career and work outside the home, or moms whose job is fully about taking care of the home, but my reality is what I am qualified to write about, which is being first a wife, then a mom of 2, and then an Entrepreneur whose biz is still relatively in baby stage and needs a lot of attention too, and which I get to do right from home. I was listening to Bishop Jakes today on the treadmill talk about how an Entrepreneur literally has NO HOURS because we gotta work all the time, especially in the early stages.

But the truth is, WE NEED JESUS. No matter how hard the days get, and demanding our babies become, we just have to MAKE THE TIME to keep a connection with our heavenly Father. That is where we draw the strength that so quickly depletes from.

It was SO HARD for me in the beginning. I knew I could carry my baby and pace and pray if I had to, but I thought that even that was limiting. I mean, I desperately wanted to lift my hands, roll on the floor, kneel, journal, do Bible studies, etc. BUT no show with a new baby and a toddler, both incredibly demanding. Days would go by and I had not had a decent time with God or even opened my Bible. The crazy thing was that God would always STILL speak to me. He would drop ideas and instructions and I wouldn’t even find the time, or frame of mind to pull out my journal and save it. I was used to praying at night BUT I was now UNBELIEVABLY too exhausted to wake and pray. Yes I did wake at night – to NURSE and/or PUMP but these thing didn’t require me to stay awake. So I would just attach the Pump to my Bra and turn it on, and wham I would go back to sleep. On days I attempted to pray, I found myself falling asleep.

midnight pumping and snack

Trust me, my spiritual life suffered. It seemed like my connection with my heavenly father was broken. Then one day, I spoke to my Rev and just griped and griped, and he let me understand that even 10mins that came from a true heart of worship was better than 3hours done religiously, but without my heart fully in it. It didn’t have to be how it used to be before. I thought that made sense. Recently my accountability partner Aijay used the Parable of the Talent to further counsel me. God knows when what I have is just 5 TALENTS OF TIME or TWO or ONE and so He is not demanding any more. Work with what I had been given and make it work even if it was 10mins, but still maintain communication with Him in as many ways as possible all day. Plus I somewhere knew all of this was a phase and would pass soon so I wanted to truly immerse in what was my present.

AMEN for YouVersion, I started to search for Devotionals for Moms. One, THE OVERWHELMED MOM or so was such a blessing. I knew the devil was coming for me so I started to really enjoy my 10mins here and 20mins there, and amazingly time began to open up a bit and I wanted to do more.

But not just more, DIFFERENT…

And my people, that is how I ended up  totally CRAVING Bible Studies from any of my teachers…

I especially really wanted BELIEVING GOD by Beth Moore and ARMOUR OF GOD by Priscilla Shirer. Gosh!!! Of course it wasn’t available in Naija, and then I didn’t want an ecopy cos I knew their Bible studies were INTENSE and you needed to write. Na so I start to dey find someone coming home. Of all people, my Rev was in YANKEE at that time. He offered to help me get, BUT for some reason, my Amazon didn’t go, and the other site I could buy from was giving me 14days shipping or so. I gave up. A few days later, Rev asks how far and I told him I gave up. Long story short, my Rev asks what exactly I needed and offered to buy me BOTH and then Lisa Bevere’s Lizzy the Lioness for my son. Like!!! I was so shocked.


I got it last week and my people, it has been ANOTHER LEVEL working through Armor of God.

Oh how I have coveted any of Shirer’s studies cos that sister can PREACH A DANG GOOD WORD and can DISSECT the Bible. When she writes she is just a GIRL WITH A SWORD in her bio, YOU BEST BELIEVE HER!!! I started with her own and well, my baby has NO SCHEDULE but what I do is this…

Whenever he sleeps in the morning, which is the ONLY guaranteed sleep I get, which sometimes is just 2hours, I leave EVERYTHING and whip out my study. (Obviously leaving everything means i REALLY have to manage my time way better the rest of the day even with a baby that doesn’t detach from boob). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I have not done anything like that before so the novelty is ginger enough. Soooo good I tell you. Having something different in my fellowship time makes me so happy to MANUFACTURE time to dive in. I am systematically working through it, and answering ALL of Shirer’s questions like I am in school.

Of course my gym time is also another time that is sacred to me. It is beyond the gym, my time on the treadmill is like a REVIVAL. I need it, so I make sure that time is set apart. And i block my ears with headphones so Gym music and noise don’t get in…

Some days I go with my baby and my help and other days I go alone, but EVERYDAY I GO…

I find that my intimacy is restored to a large extent and keeps getting better…

Of course you don’t have to copy me but I’m sharing so you see the principles I applied…

Switching things up in my Bible study and then having somewhere outside the home I can sneak out to even if for 30mins has helped a whole lot.

And with my intimacy restored, i can keep building my life from that foundation, and that includes my being a wife and mom, and also CEO of CoachE’Squad Ltd.

I tell you… MOMPreneurs desperately NEED Jesus, and I pray that you find the time, NO MATTER HOW LITTLE or UNCONVENTIONAL to fill up with HIM…

Group hug and see yawl tomorrow…

Time’s 9.20pm and my crew is asleep so I wanna quickly do some night workout, bath and then do some work till midnight and then sleep…






This Book is a revival!!!

Yay just got my own copy of FireBrand by my FIRE mentor DDK…

And look at that autograph if you can read it…

LOOOOOOOVE DDK. Such a gift to the body of Christ. 

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    November 16, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    As a new mum, I totally loved this, and it’s been helpful.


    • Reply
      November 16, 2017 at 9:18 pm

      Girl GREAT GRACE TO YOU!!!

  • Reply
    November 23, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    I have to say, your blog is like an Oasis for parched souls.
    Well done Eziaha, more grace.

    • Reply
      November 23, 2017 at 8:21 pm

      Thanks a lot boo
      Thats very kind. Thank God

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