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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 25

I’m walking on sunshine as I type…
Actually I am typing from heaven…
I have MK’s Sound of heaven album playing as I type away…
I only got in from the concert a second ago and it was HEAVENLY


(Pardon the blurred pix. It was late)
I am not promising to give gist… Or pictures but I’ll try in another post
I’m also sure another DCC blogger will. Johnson Madichie that’s your sub 😉
I’ll reblog as soon as he does
I came straight from Asaba to church
Couldn’t even get home
And I had a rough journey so you can imagine that I am super duper tired!!!
Buh you know how we do na 😉
Attitude O’ Gratitude Day 25
So here are 5 of the many things I am mighty thankful for
1. Journey mercies. To and from Asaba
God will always provide so this is my first and last time of doing a road trip to that town or any town I can fly to (except of cos it is a group road tin). Both ways were rough journeys. Gosh!!! Thank God for mercies abeg!!!
2. Divine supernatural provision. Mehn… By the time I paid the cab man who brought me home from the concert, my purse was empty. I’m thoroughly amazed how the money I left with miraculously sufficed. And I did everything I wanted to do ooo… Money doubling tinz…
3. A super amazing weekend… Double delight… Dumebi’s wedding and MK’s sound of heaven concert/album launch…


Walahi, this is the sorta weekend I should have on a regular. Really I’m grateful for amazing events this August that have made me less selfish and focus less on my own challenges. God knows how to sort me… He truly goes ahead… arranging stuff for his own. I’m very grateful Sugar daddy mi… Very very grateful.
4. I’m thankful that I made the Onitsha bridge today. Before I left for Asaba, I really desired to hit that bridge. Its been ages I saw that bridge… I hadn’t done a road trip to the east for a while. But Asaba didn’t give me time to… Till this morning. I promise to give you the gist in full later but the nostalgia I felt as I WALKED the stretch of that bridge was outta this world.


Of course I took loadsa pix.
I used to be so scared then as we drove through but today, E’ walked across it… Whoop.
And finally, cos I saved the best for last
5. Sound of heaven!!! MK and Water Walker (Ebele) I am so thankful on your behalf. But I also feel a sense of personal victory myself at the incredible success the event was. I am thankful for the two car gifts MK received. Yup TWO!!! One from our dearly beloved Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo


and the second from Sammie Okposo


for whom MK did backup for about 8years. Faithfulness pays. I tell ya. Then all the guest artists that performed for MK pro-bono. Haba. And they were all on point.  Then all the favor and osho free he got in recording the album. MK is just dripping with testimonies and I am thankful for him and his PRICELESS wife Ebele of whom MK said the most amazing sweet things…


Biko I tap in.
The testimony of one (MK and Ebele)…


The possibility of another(Eziaha)… That was why I ‘shunned’ the free album we were given to go and buy the album and by extension sow into his ministry.


I had a ‘moment’ when Freke was performing.  Freke was like my prophet for the night. He just had these hot prophetic words that just connected with my spirit. I am so thankful I had something with which to ‘connect’ too. Freke is my latest crush… Looooool. After PITA (Pita’s voice makes nonsense of the richness of Coldstone creamery ice cream delight). And MK *dodges Ebele’s blow*
Looooooooool. I’m kidding oooo Ebele.
Eben was another fave of mine for the night.


I was super duper tired so I sat through a lot of the ministrations but when Eben started ‘All the way…’ I didn’t know when I jumped up. And danced eh… Kai.
DCC knows how to rock ‘All the way…’ Though my nebs Ify thinks Christ embassy rocks the song better.


SOH was 5000stars yo!!!
It was oh-SOH-amazing…
Glory to God.
Ah!!!! In MK’s voice
‘…You do well ooo, Baba you do well ooo…’
Cheers to a FABtastic week ahead. For you and me…
We will testify too. Amen…

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  • Reply
    August 26, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Eziaha, u add spice to life. U r different shades of surprise. U really were serious abt dt bridgeoooooooo. I’m speechless. BJ, wil never hv a dull moment @ all. I just tire for u. Bt I’m glad u made d concert, I’m glad d evening went well for u, despite d terrible trip, I’m glad u love Freke as much as I do (dt man can bring tears to ur eyes wit worship. I told d Holy Spirit to always let me know wen Freke is worshippin, so I can halt my worship session to God biko. As in, derz no way God’s attention wil leave Freke wen he is singing…wit my double off-key voice God won’t even look my direction sef *rollin eyes*…), most of all, I’m friggin glad u came to Asaba. I was honored mehn. u shld hear my dad’s comment abt d lil’ he saw of u, coupled wit ur pics. One of which was ‘in d 21st century we now hv yuppy smart girls’. I blushed on ur behalf. Love u E! Next time u reach Asaba, ud stay for a week (if I’m there *winks*). I love u, Booski

    • Reply
      August 26, 2013 at 8:32 am

      I love love love your dad
      And mom
      And brothers
      And you
      I hate your dogs sha
      Didn’t know you knew freke
      Dumebi that guy killed abeg
      Ha ahn
      You know how stupid that standing in the gap song was in feddy
      But freke made the depth of the song come out
      And yup I wasn’t kidding about the bridge

  • Reply
    August 26, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    SEe wat I missd o,satan u b big liar
    M thankful for a wonderful year to come,Eziaha u alredy kno!tz my year of testimonies,I jus v to share the testimonies!!!amen (closin eyes for a long time)

    • Reply
      August 27, 2013 at 10:31 am

      Drama queen V
      If you keep closing your eyes how will you see the testimonies when they flood in…?
      Open them jor

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