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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 13

I figured that I always breeze in in the same boring ways…
“Hello people
Hey People…
Hello FAB’ers”
Even I am getting bored.
So what do I do now eh???
How do I start my posts???
I’m open to suggestions… But in the meantime, lemme just say…
Good evening FAB’ers
*boring to the third degree*
How was your day?
So here we are walking down the FAB lane of Day 13…
And I haven’t missed a day. Ditto my bloggers-in-gratitude…
And www.giantsparkle.wordpress.com
Boy, am I grateful in all hues or what???
So I got a mail from someone today who is a FAB’er.

I love getting them emails of course… But something about that message (I suspect it was sent by a girl) made me have a rethink on today’s gratitude post.
She mentioned stuff about the whole gratitude thing being cool because I have an exciting life so I can afford to be thankful. Unlike her who’s days are just plain boring… Hahahaha
Made me laugh…
Thanksgiving I have realized is a deliberate thing… Conscious effort we have to make if we are to speak this dialect of thanksgiving
I have blues in my day sometimes.
Some days I cry… Some days I am down. Some days I’m tetchy. Some days are FAB in all the shades. But one thing is constant, I am committed to finding reasons to be thankful. I make happy moments if I have to, cos I desperately wanna say ‘Thank You God for this and this’
Gets easier as the days progress I must say…
Today, I am gonna be especially thankful for the seemingly “little” things we sometimes take for granted… Cos I want us all to be involved…
Let’s roll
1. The gift of waking up… And of course sleeping. To think that some people passed in their sleep. Oh wow!!! I didn’t just wake, I managed to snuggle back into bed when day broke and covered myself totally with my very snuggly duvet and steal a few more minutes of sleep. I woke up refreshed and happy to hit the day…
2. One of the first things I read today was Pastor M’s blog and when I got the email notification, I quickly opened… Oh my, I’m grateful for absolutely fabtastic pastors who rubbish popular opinions that have ridiculed and yet ridicule the absolutely amazing institution of marriage. My Pastors make marriage look very good. You can’t convince me otherwise. Marriage is beautiful. Even tho PK has totally destroyed the bars that he set and I’m increasing my prayers for DCC guys to catch up and overtake *insert 3halos here* , I’m just grateful for good, nay great examples to look up to. That post had me grinning like a fish… Chai!!! Oya read the post here and understand what I’m on about
Like Pastor M will say to me,

if you don’t enjoy your marriage, who you go resemble? See Rev na and wifey.

See PK and wifey…

Abeg, I’m grateful for amazing Pastors with whom I have a close relationship…
3. I’m grateful for two people who checked up on me today… Eky who just called to know how I was doing… Eky is just sugar sweet. And when I was hailing her on the Bond moves PK pulled with her as an accomplice, she had this VERY hearty laugh as she gave me the deets of the surprise, which just resonated. I heard that laugh long after she had dropped the phone. I love when people just check with me without asking for anything. Just a simple ‘How are you?’ Tz divine…
Second person is my darling Father Patrick…

Oh… He knows how to just send messages that leave you with a very silly grin in the middle of your day… He just wanted to check in with me and see how I am doing. Oh and he has a real hearty laugh too and I heard it today again. I usually talk to him with endearments tho sparingly. Like today when I said ‘…my one and only Father…’ He laughed… That laugh touched my spirit. If that dude was gonna get married, I for link am to my sister abeg. That man should be in my family jor. And dumebi this is the point where you shut up… I introduced you to Fr. Patrick. You can’t come an snatch him…
So I’m grateful for these two people who called me today…
4. Oh my BBM swelled by two names today. Not just any body ooo. Two of the people I have crushes on in church. Yup you should already know I have crushes on some people na… I want to say they are all females but I have a few male crushes but wild horses won’t let me mistakenly mention them… Cos some are even married… At least one. Chai!!!
*covering my eyes*
I hinted Tani today and she yabbed me eh, so I’m keeping my male crushes close to my chest. Hahahah. E’ you are so unserious chai.
So as I was saying, the two female crushes are Blessing and Onyinye… Incredible women… Super stars… When your crush wants to add you on BBM, you make room FAST…
Oh my!!! I know I’m shameless. And might I add #NoHomo
So two more crushes don enter… Now I gotta behave myself on bb lol…
Don’t worry, I will do a full blogpost on my DCC crushes…you will see pictures then…
Watch out for that one
But I’m grateful for these amazing additions to my fabulous BBM contacts. To know that these ones are just a click away… Oh my!!!
5. I’m grateful for a particular post I did today… It is a transcript of a message by PK titled ‘Your Girlfriend is NOT your wife’
Arguably my best message ever from PK. Too much sense. Been planning to do that post for like ever but time. Today, I’m grateful for the 3hours plus I had to transcribe it and then schedule it for publishing next week… Sorry loves, you gotta wait for a few days…But it is in 3parts so you will enjoy it wella… By the time I got up, my joints hurt like crazy. But I’m grateful I got it all done…
That’s it people…
The seemingly little things. I hope it inspires you to be thankful too…
Sleep well Hun’


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  • Reply
    August 13, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    My pictures didn’t upload…
    Damn Airtel
    And my modem just expired today…
    Oh well, I’ll try to upload pix again…
    If not, just enjoy the post as it is

    • Reply
      August 13, 2013 at 10:21 pm

      I was just about to remark on the absence of pics in this post…knowing your love for pics… 😀

      beautiful post dearie… I too am grateful…especially for the little things…totally grateful…


      • Reply
        August 14, 2013 at 8:25 am

        Nne network oooooo

  • Reply
    August 14, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Yes,the ability to wake up n kill that mosquito,dat tried disturbin u despite mosquito net gleefully,n to shake body n not have malaria,the abiltiy to fart,witout issues,u need to see ppl in d hosp who r thr cos they can’t fart,na serz issue o!believe me!(m a doctor),the ability to enter that car,travel ,hav fun n com bak home,wit nt even a scratch on ur vehicle!fellow fab’ers tz good to thank God,cos I kno plenty patients who’ll giv anytin to b like u !

    • Reply
      August 14, 2013 at 7:51 am

      You see….
      Biko tell em ooo
      That’s why I hate hospitals biko
      Too sad….
      Thanks for sharing love

  • Reply
    August 14, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Hi ‘E’,I must confess you’re doing a good work and allowing the Lord use you in this medium to reach out to people.Thank you for giving me reasons to really be grateful.Like Bishop David Oyedepo will say,”Anyone who is not grateful is a great fool”.We all have so much to be grateful and thankful for.God bless you darling for inspiring me.Much love

    • Reply
      August 14, 2013 at 8:48 am

      Awww Sug thanks
      Papa just gets his rhymes on point yo
      And I’m happy to have inspired you love

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