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#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 10

I am literally typing and laughing…

Kai… I talked with a most amazing person today sha. But this is me jumping ahead of myself…

How was your day dawleen?

I am still in lounging mode but today I was more productive with my day… No movies absolutely. I just did plenty of learning and knowledge updating…

So that is my numero uno thing I am grateful for…

By the way, we are on Day 10,,, doing back flips… Whoop.

Ok let’s do gratitude…

1. The fact that I am such a learner… I love the fact that I’m such a learner…
Not Awilo’s learner ooo. I have such a high affinity for knowledge and its easy to learn for me. I went all technical today learning all about SEO and blogging… I’m thankful for the little I learnt today and the many more I’ll be learning as the days go by… Watch out, I am a Geek-in-training…

2. I’m thankful for an apetite today… Recent events have made me lose my apetite… So for like two weeks, I hadn’t been eating… I can’t even explain it. I dunno how I have functioned. Biscuit sometimes, some days NOTHING including water, once I had Abacha. That has been ALL for about two weeks.  But today, I actually made indomie. And ate it!!! Glory… Hehehehe

wpid-IMG_20130810_222019.jpg(well, not everyday is a good picture day)
Not like I’m looking to turn into a glutton but I’m happy I could eat today.
3. Oh I did complete a post I had been pushing for a while. It would go up at 1pm tomorrow. Keep a date… It is an interesting post…

4. Oh my boss called me today. She is on vaycay in yankee and she had been part of my wedding planning process and she knew she would be away for it but she was well aware of it. You know she has her driver drop and pick me to school and she’s practically an adopted mom. Some of my students think she’s my mom. So when she called today, her loving was beyond words. She really wanted details of what went down that moved the wedding. She was so concerned about me and stuff. And she knows BJ so she kept asking ‘how are things with both of you. Hope this didn’t affect you guys ooo???’ Awwww. She’s sugar sweet. And she prayed with me too. Oh did I mention that my work place asked me to make a request for what I want as a wedding gift… Come and see my cousin giving me really HUGE things to request!!! Hahahaha. I didn’t say anything tho because I just started work there in May so…. But my bosses and colleagues have been really sweet..


I feel so blessed to be working in a place like that… Not too many Corpers have service year this good. And I am very thankful too for this…
5. I wanna talk about the fact that Le Boo’s health has been totally restored!!! But cos he is yabbing me as I type this post as he now has energy, I would go ahead and be thankful for a ‘friend’ that visited with me today. You recall that geek guy I met on my way for clearance on wednesday (check my Aug 7 post), he came over today and I didn’t stop laughing. His youth is just interesting. Hahahaha. He talked about so many things. Opened up plenty about his life especially his absentee father (kai fatherhood goes beyond having the sperm that can bear a child oooo), and how his life has turned out…I didn’t do so much talking. Na him talk taya. He talked about plenty things… Cars, dogs (Tani will love him cos they have 3 big dogs), computers, mobile phones, hacking, relationships, etc. I am also grateful that he has agreed to come to my church. I didn’t even need to preach. I love lurv luv the idea of a new convert to mentor. Awwww… I got my eyes on that guy ooo.


I smell a new member for projector unit… Whoopeeee…

Ok sweeries
Gotta go
Church tomorrow
And I have a visit tomorrow too. I smell Coldstone…
Pop by giantsparkle’s and Lizzie’s blog too. and


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  • Reply
    August 11, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Waitin for 1pm

    • Reply
      August 11, 2013 at 8:23 am

      Almost here

  • Reply
    August 13, 2013 at 9:52 am

    When you started this, I told myself I couldn’t possibly get enough things to thank God for for 30 whole days. I mean I was just sleeping and waking at home (no thanks to ASUU), my life is not at interesting as yours. But I started anyways, in my daily prayers, and I discovered I had much more to thank God for. Thank God for you E’

    • Reply
      August 13, 2013 at 10:34 am

      Oh that’s super sweet to know
      truly love, we can always find things to be thankful for
      It just changes my perspective on life mehn…
      Good good good

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