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#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 7

What a glorious day…
On a scale of 1 to 10, today gets a 50!!!
What an absolutely FAB day!!!
By 12noon, I had enough testimonies and stuff to be grateful for…
But I had to chill till now… Bad idea… Cos I’m drop dead tired right now but the show must go on…
Plus there are people actually waiting to read and/or finish me if I miss a day…

Talk about a taste of my own medicine…
Well, ok, I was really angry this morning…
I read Pastor M’s blog… The latest post there upset me. You need to know how angry I was. I just shut down and made up my mind not to be reading tuesday dilemma posts early in the morning again…
Seriously I am not being dramatic.
That mail was just wrong. It broke my heart to know that there are still girls like that…
Ok just follow the link to her blog and read Dilemma Tuesday…
I’ll drop the link at the end of my post.  Read mine first. Because you will be too upset to return here after reading that post
Save that dilemma hitch, I had a super fabulous day… Everybody should have days like I had on a regular.
Ok, let’s talk gratitude…
Day 7
1. So I dragged myself for monthly clearance today being the last day.
Last time I was there, my file was missing. Too much story. This month again, still not found. Long and short is that God granted me divine favor sha. Between 11 and 12noon, I was D.O.N.E with clearance. As in done…
Even my LGI was friendly today… And the other woman too. Ha ahn… I am convinced that it is because I have such a positive outlook to NYSC that it just gets easier and easier for me. I left the people I met there and before 12, I was DONE… Whoop.
I am also grateful for ‘a still small voice’ and an ‘eye opening’. You see, before I closed officially at work, my clearance letter wasn’t ready. So I had to drop by my school first and pick it up… Getting to school, madam secretary wasn’t yet on seat and wasn’t picking her calls… Kai!!! And I know that you gotta go early for clearance. We looked for my letter which I knew had been signed, everywhere. Whosai!!! It meant I had to sit and wait. After a while, the HS said I should turn my eyes right and the letter was right under my nose… I grabbed it and literally flew out… Ok lie. I still took some pix.
My reception was wearing a new look so I couldn’t resist. The guy that snapped me sha… #NoComment#
Oh today was just good as per NYSC clearance and stuff
2. I am grateful for new friends. I use the term ‘friend’ casually though. Maybe acquaintance is more like it. On my way to work, the guy beside me (while I was minding my business jejely) asked me a question about some technical things on my phone. I answered the ones I knew. He is a super geek, studying Computer science (which he just literally breaths) in NOUN. We got talking and stuff. When we got to CMS, we exchanged names. He asked where I lived. As I answered, the shock was too much. Dude lives right on my street!!! I mean, what are the odds??? Recently, I have been making some career plans that would involve a geek and I’m not geek so I had it in mind to look for. And God just literally dropped one right at my dormot… I mean, what are the odds…? We are definitely in business. 🙂
I also met two amazing girls at clearance. You know, with all things NYSC, you have to form a network so you are not a LASTMA. These girls and I were defo speaking the same language. And they were so sweet. Super sweet. I’m happy we connected.
Again, before 12noon…
Lemme jump to past 12 noon.
3. I went shopping today. Had a few things I had ordered for my wedding and a few adjustments I had to make. Infact, one was a HUGE one and I could only pray the client obliged me so I don’t spend more money on it. She not only obliged, she was VERY sweet about it. Whoop. The other things I had to pick up turned out real good. No stories. I’ve been largely blessed with StoryLESS Vendors and I am so grateful for that.
Aside wedding stuff, I also went to pick up personal stuff for my friends’ weddings.
Yes three of my besties are all getting married like soon. We were all doing this together till mine got moved. So I’ve moved all my energy to theirs. All their weddings involve trips outside lag, sleepovers, new dresses and of course money. So I went shopping.
In my khaki… I love shopping in them. You get off with a lot of things. Nobody hypes price for a Corper. The only annoying thing is all the calls you get…
‘Corper… Corpershun… Copa wire… Ajuwaya… Otondo… How are you!???’ Eishh… Too annoying.
Lemme share a pix of some random items…
Wanted to get Zaron eye shadow but I wasn’t sure it was original. So I did my Sleek jeje. This carribean mix is lovely. ..
Peek the rat gum. I SAW a rat in my room two nights ago. How I managed to sleep is still a mystery. How did a rat even enter the house, then climb the stairs and enter my room. Dear God, I am grateful in advance that the rat gum caught the rat. Thank you…
And yes, I bought Naija movies. I watch them, thank you very much.
See the bible too…
I lurv it… And it was cheap… 1k pere…
All my life, I’ve bought bibles from only The Fountain of life bookshop, Bible Wonderland (Alaka, yaba and tinubu square), Foodco (in Ibadan) and Lantana (Oke awo VI) only. I somehow just believe that you can’t buy a bible anywhere else. This guy had them in a wheel barrow just beside UBA house. I didn’t think it was stolen loool so I bought it. Rocked it in church today. Btw, I collect bibles. Looool. I have like a billion. Of course, I read and do them too. Bibles are so cool. Especially the cute ones…
So I’m grateful for my shopping experience today. And of course, for Jehovah that showed His Jireh part…
As I type, I’m sprawled on my bed. My feet so hurts…
4. I am so grateful for church today.
Cos I came in too tired, I didn’t deceive myself to rest first cos I would have woken at 9pm. So I got to church in plenty of time.
Yeah someone told me ‘souls are perishing’ looool
Pk’s message was WOW… He spoke about we learning how to celebrate people and be truly happy for them when they have breakthroughs and testimonies and not beef them or be offended by them. I lurv all the bible references and examples he used. Pk sha, he can make me feel like I don’t read my bible cos he’ll just take a story we know and explain it in a whole new light and WOW… The message was just sweet and serious too. And too practical. I’ll throw more light on it in a whole post… Good stuff. We can all learn from it. Church as usual was fun. My church, my Pastor and my God absolutely ROCK…
I am also grateful for the squeezy hug I got from Eky today bang in the middle of service. Eky is one of Pastor M’s Angels here… She’s really sweet. I’m happy she gave me the hug then cos after service, we didn’t see… Eky Sugar, please keep yourself well. I have plans to lock you in my house oooo.
Hmmmm to the finale… Who or what gets the spot?
Tough pick… Gotta roll the rest over… If I even get to talk about it cos tomorrow has enough too to be thankful for… This is too much fun ooo. Hope you too are being thankful ooo…
5. I am so grateful for my darling sweet Sugary Pastor Mildred Okonkwo and the testimony that is her life…
Too much to say… Too lil space. But you recall the WWW series I ran on Imela. All her issues with blood and child bearing. Of course you know she’s preggers now and in America to pop and we all miss her plenty.
She always has one good news or the other to share. Chai. Tonight, we talked about her book. December 8, the book is out!!! Chronicling her experiences while waiitng these 8years. It is a big book for which I’m thankful. I don’t want no small book ooo. I can’t wait to read it all cos she has promised not to leave any teensy weensy detail out…
Thank God DCC live streams services at www.davidschristiancentre.org so she has been following service since. You too can watch our services live. Always an experience.
Pastor M is just a mobile testimony and I’m super excited and grateful to be connected to such grace. Everytime we talk, one testimony dey drop… And I’m tapping in like BIG time ooo
Testimonies sure look FAB on you ma…
Love you mama mia and gosh, I miss you terribly.
But I’m so happy cos of the reason you are away… 😉
8years no be play. We can sacrifice 3months jor…
Of course, I am also absolutely thankful for her ‘honey’ my dear dear PK

pk pm
Great Pastors I have…
Ehen so here is the link for that Dilemma post on her blog
I’m drop dead tired…
And tomorrow 7am, we have a REFRESH retreat.
Like my boo said, ‘I like Pk ooo. He no dey spare una any holiday….’
I need the retreat abeg… So I’m looking forward to REFRESH
Oh yes, I love my Pastor.
Inthe… nominated me for a Liebster award Again!!! Whoop!!! You can peek it here and see the questions I will be answering too… By the way,

VAMPIRE Alert: please don’t throw up on your phone/system when you see a vampire in the post… Ewwwwww. Aunty, please na…
Hits the PUBLISH button and rolls over to sleep
You better publish ooo



I am having problems adding pictures from my computer. I will still post this and attempt to add from WordPress for Android. I pray it goes. So you may see this first without pictures. Check again for pictures…

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    August 7, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    Pre-journal post.That one sef dey….we don vex finish sef…See as sleep dey gum our eyelid for hia.
    Me ngwa ngwa biko…

    • Reply
      August 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm

      You see…. now the post is up, your comment is out of place
      Hehehe. In case you’re wondering, I had up a post earlier saying I was still prepping the post for today so bear with me…. I removed that one totally before putting up what you read now…
      Rushes to lizzy’s blog and GiantSparkle’s

  • Reply
    August 7, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    Forgot to add http://www.giantsparkle.wordpress.com and http://www.elisabethezekiel.blogspot.com
    Oya peek and enjoy….
    Btw, the post you read now is complete with pictures.
    My android worked like I mentioned in my PS…
    Lemme sleep

  • Reply
    August 8, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Kai! I waited for this! And it came out 10/10.how God can order ones steps!this particularly sugar daddy pass any other one o!as in God pass superman o!

    • Reply
      August 8, 2013 at 6:06 am

      Is super man even a match?
      At all ooooo
      Sorry for the lateness nne.
      Good it was worth it

  • Reply
    August 8, 2013 at 7:06 am

    Was wondering why the link showed the post when I reclicked on it.Thank you for pulling that stunt on me o.
    God seest thou!
    ….Your Day 7 sure rocks o!
    Thankful for your Fulfilling day!

    • Reply
      August 8, 2013 at 10:50 am

      It sure rocked ooooooo

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