I can’t imagine all the etighi and azonto that would go down at different crossover services tonight. Grateful people thanking God for all the successes of the old year and in expectation of more in the new year.
Me sef I’m thankful ooo. I’m unbelievably incredibly THANKFULL. Thia year was all that… And more. Yeah yeah… I didn’t get all prayers for 2012 answered but heck I got some I didn’t even ask for and as for the ones that didn’t get answered… I DOUBLE-D dare you to dare me in 2013… No try yasef ooo…
Today we are giving thanks. I’m grateful for a whole lot… Of course I can’t name them all but let’s do this…
GrateFULL much…
For my relationship with God. It soared this year. I mean we have always been romantic and all but we stepped up our love affair this year. This God is a speaking God ooo. And He’s not a gossip. He wasn’t telling a prophet /seer to tell me. Nah. He spoke to me constantly. I obeyed. Almost all sha… Lol… When you can hear from God, life goes beaurifully cos if you ever hit a lurch, you just dial His number. Mehn we ran and controlled tins ooo. Infact we even controlled some people sef. You know what they say about the heart of a men being in the hand of God (and his children of which I’m one) Seriously though, I’m thankful for the love relationship He has permitted me to enjoy with Him… I’ve grown. So much. I can’t even believe tz the same me… I’m sure some of you who knew me before can testify… Nuff said. Infact, Daalu Sah…

I’m grateful for my nephew Neme… it really was a traumatic pregnancy but God saw my darling sis thru. Neme came at 5.3… Of course CS. And after 3girls, we were thrilled to have a boy finally… Thank Sah…

I’m grateful for my blog. Tz a divine assignment. It feels so right. So fulfilling. When stuff happens I make a mental note to share here. My blog is now a great part of my life and it blesses me as much as it blesses you guys. I’m grateful to God for the gift of writing. GI know its not easy. Not everyone can piece words beautifully together. Not everyone can run around like 16 topics in just one post and still hold people’s attention. Tz a God given gift which I don’t take lightly. At all. Thank God. And thank all you my amazing fans… Chukwu gozie unu…

I’m thankful for my relationship. “Aku m” like I call my boo is simply my very very BESTEST… A customized gift for me straight from heaven. I smile when I recall how we started. People didn’t give us half a chance. Eziaha, Miss Popular… Noisy,flashy,mouthed etc girl dating this quiet trouble-less guy. Today, four years plus we are still together, waxing strong and quarter to go legal… Woot… My one and only love, thank you so much for an amazing year… Love you long,hard,high,deep,wide,and every how possible…to the moon, round the stars, through the galaxies, into the milky way and right back to the earth… Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. *wink*

Grateful for my Pastors… And the gift of access I enjoy with them. Rev Albert Femi Oduwole is like only the WORLD’s BEST DADDY… I’m so thankful for your nurture and your love. And all the life coaching. And counsel. I can share ANYTHING with Rev and not feel ashamed or condemned. With you, God is so real. God’s love that is. Thank God for you. And my sweetest Rev Teju his one and only babe… 40 and fabulous. Within and without… Thank God for you. Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo. When I see both of you, I’m convinced I too will enjoy the marriage of my dreams. Pk’s teachings
have been really instrumental to my growth. I’m so grateful for Pk oooo. Pastor Bunmi kolawole, Elder Gbo, Rev B, Pastor Ayo… Gosh my Pastors are the bestestestest….

I’m grateful too for Triumphant assembly. To be a part of a great army of Christ is just fulfilling… TA is the best church I’ve ever been in. I’m grateful for Drama unit that is Shabach theatre. We are the BEST jare. I’m so thankful for my Meeters and Greeters team. You guys brought out the BEST in me. Loved being your HOD mehn… Would happily do it again.
All my triumphant people. I’ll name names so if I skip you tz cos I’m typing in a hurry… Valerie, Ruth, Titi, Bunmi, marygift, Bennie, Dumebi, Uche, yemisi, biodun, demola, kemi A, funmi, gosh I’m tired but I’m thankful for all of you…

I’m thankful for Sociology. My social director tenure… Gosh God did it all. Two major companies Glo and Gtbank sponsored us and all thanks to proposals I wrote. God did it. The UI students Ghana trip I organized… Gosh. Talk about eating a BIG FaT COW and ELEPHaNT and FROG… It almost swallowed me but God did it… Raising so much money in such a short while. And without compromise. Mehn that was when I knew sexual harassment was real LOL… But it happened. Several other landmark programs my tenure organized. I’m even thankful for the dinner that didn’t hold. I learnt how better to handle people. I Saw and felt beef and jealousy firsthand. Oh but I saw raw love. Pure unadulterated. People showed me so much love. I was stunned. The kinda love I saw total strangers now friends throw at me… I can’t name names. Some people go vex so make I respect myself.
I’m thankful for the mentees God brought my way… So many young girls to mentor God gave me and thank God I did a good job. Cos they have really turned out well. And still do…
I’m thankful for the birthday party this year. Twas awesome. very. I had a gisting party and people sais so many sweet things about me I cried. And nope they were not spitting lies. Twas real… The sweetest thing I heard was “Eziaha exudes style and Christ’. Shout out to you Derin. I love you for that… Thank you. Thank you to all the guests too.
I’m so thankful for my graduation. My result. I’ll still tell My acada story most likely when I have my grad party… I’m grateful God crowned it all with a first class. Top of my class. I’m so thankful for that.
Of course I’m thankful for my friends… Valerie love you so much darling, Chinma, Ogochukwu my lovergurl. You girls have been real. Eniola, Ayomikun, Uche, Dumebi, Bunmi, you guys rock… Chekwube Oluchi Funke Lola Tessy Happy Yinka my ex classmates. Lizzy, Uju etc. Gosh my world is colored ooo. Una rock…
I’m thankful for my dad. Bone replacement operations in India. He made it. He’s alive. And so is momma. My sisters and brothers. Inlaws nieces nephews all correct. I’m thankful.
I’m grateful for 2012 camp meeting. Supernatural speed indeed. I dunno if tz my last for a while but I’m grateful I had the opportunity to witness this years own. I turned down the indian trip especially because of camp and I’m glad I caught that supernatural speed grace contacted…
Amazing people I met this year…
On my blog… JMAD, Femmetotale, phoebe, etc
New friends I made this year… U know yourselves.
2012 has been real.
2013 will be better. I’m thrilled tz a year of supernatural speed.
Happy new year…
Lots of love and kisses

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  • Reply
    January 2, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Eziaha the fabulous babe… Indeed i am thankful on your behalf o. I’ve been following your blog since Pastor M.mentioned you in one of her ‘just us girls’ posts. You write beautifully o jare. And as you pointed out, it is a gift.
    Hmmn, top of your class and a first class at that! Congratulations fab sister, e no easy o and i was thinking, where did you find time to study; with all the extras going on in your life? You are blessed girl, take it from me, i know *wink, wink*
    And your daddy, bless him, im so happy for your family, it is a big blessing to have your daddy around o, especially as you are going legal with that sweet boo of yours soon…he he he. Dont worry, my sweet daughter will be your little bride…
    It’s always great to have daddy walk you down the aisle, my own daddy left us to be with Jesus Christ years back so he didnt walk me down the aisle when i got married some years ago… Its all good.
    Now girl, just wanted to say, keep writing, keep believing in God o, we have no other and keep being your sweet fab self.

    Your fan, Ify

    • Reply
      January 4, 2013 at 10:12 pm

      Ify oooo. U comment like I love… Lengthy comments. Me likey…
      And tz so exciting to read too.
      Many kind words. Blush much
      Btw why do I think you too made a first class…
      Grace. Grace. Grace only. It works for me ooo. Works for us.
      Daddy is smiling down at ya dear…
      And please keep that beauriful daughter of urs ooo… We will do audition hehehe
      Thank you so much. This made me smile.
      I’m soooo thankful dear
      Happy 2012 love

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