Because I am a very nice sombory, I will be nice enough to give you your new year’s resolution. I know you have made some plans and who even asked me for my help sef? Don’t worry you will thank me later… Here is your ‘You are welcome’ though.
Btw, why are people so vehemently against new year resolutions? I do NOT think it is bad to make resolutions. I see them as plans and projections for the new year. Why would you wanna waltz into a new year casually like that? Ok some people say that people always break their resolutions even before January is up, so what’s the point? My questions is So???? Yes I have broken some resolutions but that doesn’t mean I throw away my resolve to do or not to do. Tz a temporary set back jare. Depend on God for and receive grace and still go back to the resolutions. This Devil is a very bad devil ooo. That you missed it once doesn’t mean you CAN NOT still get back on track. This Jehovah is very forgiving ooo. So please darling, make those resolutions. Both spiritual, physical, work, career, relationship, etc. And then trust God for the Grace to keep at it. Ok now your resolutions. The ones I have made for you…
GET SERIOUS WITH GOD AND HIS CHURCH; You can’t fight a FULL TIME devil on a part time relationship with God. The word I am looking for is COMMITMENT. DEDICATION. Join a unit in church. If you do not like your family/home church, and you are over 18 then please by all means find a good one and attend… Don’t let distance be a barrier. You would not drink kerosene because it is nearby. You would travel far to get water. (OK that is a line I picked from Rev Albert). If you think your pastors are chopping your money, please feel free to change churches. Like I said, which bears repetition, JOIN A UNIT and get active in church. If all your church gets from you is that you show up every Sunday, then I am seriously SMH for you. And please don’t even play me the busy card. I have seen BUSY people, as in people controlling millions, still find time for church service and are very active in their units. Once, my Pastor K said something like he could not have dated any woman who was not in any unit in church. It just shows how selfish and self centered you are. I agree with him TOTALLY. You would serve your company because you would receive a pay cheque every month but you would not serve in church because you cannot see that physical pay slip. That’s just selfish. How then would you be giving of yourself to another person. Marriage is about being selfless ooo. So that woman who has not done selfless deeds for church would most likely not give anything to you too if you won’t pay her for it. I don’t even know what you are even using your youth for if not serving in God’s house. It is really exciting ooo. I was in drama unit in TA back then and trust me WE ROCKED totally. I was also the HOD of Stewards/Meeters and greeters and it was the most fulfilling thing I did. When I was a member of a campus fellowship, I held various positions- Welfare, alumni liaison officer, press and publications head, dinner committee chairperson, etc. In DCC, I am in the Projector unit (Pk calls us DeeJays) and I am considering also joining either Meeters and greeters or Welcome unit. The thing people need to understand is that principles are parallel. The stuff you learn as a leader or worker in church will help you in the world of work. I HAVE HEARD INCREDIBLE TESTIMONIES… plus God is a Rewarder. There is no way we would serve in His church and not get paid by our boss JEHOVAH and trust me, no boss pays better. Plus there is a church for everyone. Good churches different styles… Same GOD. Find the one that suits you.
On to your next resolution…
STOP TALKING TRASH ABOUT PASTORS… You know, the bible is very clear about it. You may be totally CONVINCED that the pastor is TOTALLY wrong. Mariam and Aaron were convinced too about Moses. Yes Moses was in the wrong… Guess who got leprosy? Not Moses… And some of you are wondering why your pimples won’t go… You never start… Better stop before pimples go enter lapa lapa then leprosy last last… Nne eh, just let it be. Let God judge those He considers out of track. Only God IS QUALIFIED TO. It really saddens me when I see people who just run their traps everytime at men of God for one matter or the other. They are humans, they can be wrong too. Oh very wrong, I agree. But let’s leave God to be the Judge please. Nobody died and made you judge… If you think your Pastor is using your money to flex, then change churches, and then shut your mouth.

GUARD YOUR HEART especially on relationship matters. It burns me that the people that talk the most about relationships are people who are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UNQUALIFIED TO. People who have no idea what the real thing is about relationship and sex. And sadly, this stupid thing that they propagate gets popular. Decieving innocent young people. The things I see… ’10 signs to know he is INTO you’ ’14 signs to know he is cheating on you’ ‘10ways to land your own man’ ‘ladies, it is all in the chase’ ’10 ways to have YOUR boyfriend totally won over in bed’ bla bla bla. Oh I just got another one “10 ways to make him want you even more”. How can a magazine teach you about relationship that was instituted by God and from whom directions can come from only? In fact, I have seen a book on relationship, I think the title was ‘Fulfillment in marriage’ and it was written by a DIVORCED man. And people are buying. You know eh, this thing is really funny. I have realized that in this life, vacuum cannot be tolerated. We would always find ways to fill in the gap. The need to know especially about relationship and sex is inherent in EVERY ONE’S life. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. So they would swallow any information that is available. Which is why the church needs to be on point here. The church cannot even shy away from it, if not the world would teach. The movies will teach too. The movies CANNOT teach you. Not Nollywood and definitely NOT Hollywood. Have you really considered the lifestyle and marriages of these movie stars that are propagating all sorts of rubbish all in the name of LOVE in movies? First date, they are tearing cloths and breaking plates all in the bid to have sex and then they live happily ever after. Of course movies should have happy endings. The world is sad enough. The woman gets pregnant before marriage and then the man is so happy, buys her a car or jeep, throws her a HUGE expensive wedding and they live happily ever after. The movies won’t tell you that such a foundation won’t always have a great marriage built on it. The movies won’t tell you the kinda heavy suspicion that would go on between the couple, Hollywood would hardly show you that sometimes the BOYfriend denies the girl and abandons her and then she may give birth to twins and that is where her life literarily stops. Books and magazines and movies almost glorify live-in lovers, sex before marriage, fuss-free abortions etc. they do not tell you the other side. So a lot of times, girls end up learning the other side in practice and then have to live with the dire consequences. The church has a huge responsibility here to teach young people especially about relationships. Individuals too who have learnt the right way have the responsibility to mentor younger people. Recently a friend of mine told me about something he wanted to revive in UI about relationship and sex… I was hella excited. Campuses need it more. And secondary schools too. Trust me the kinda rubbish girls are exposed to in such large amounts is incredible. It gets tougher to fight it. I’m sorry but I think this is one battle that we are slowly but surely losing to the devil and if we are not careful eh, hmm no comment. Young people are increasingly being deceived because they do not know better. So if you do know better, make it one of your LIFE resolutions to educate young people around you. And if the only place you are getting relationship tips is from magazines and Hollywood, Sweetheart you need a reorientation FAST. A Relationship is way beyond all that. I should know. I’ve been in one for over 4years now and I’m having the time of my life as we inch closer to marriage (woot woot*dancing etighi*) Allow me to share with you/introduce you to other sources jare beyond magazines- David’s Christian centre, amuwo odofin. Soooooooo many real life bible based teachings on relationship. Books and CDs too. On all kindsa topics. If you are in Ibadan, then please Run to triumphant assembly, ijokodo junction for CDs and books on relationship by my very own amazing darling Pastor Rev Albert Oduwole. Watch Silverbird every Sunday at 1.30pm too and Kinvdome Africa ch 345 DSTV at 10.30pm too for Kingsley Okonkwo’s teaching. And you can visit the website too. Google is yoru friend. The website also has messages and stuff you can listen to. Catch Rev Albert on Kingdom Africa too every Sunday 3.30pm and he also has free podcasts on itunes you can download and also some messages on the website too. Just use google. Of course Pastor Bimbo did a very fine job of relationship and sex talk before she died. And they are still timeless. Visit TFOLC in ilupeju to get tapes, CDs and books. The good thing about these places I have recommended is that they also deliver to you if you want them to. Just place your orders and wham, you have them. Ignorance is no longer an excuse ooo. In this information overload age that we are in. And yes, your age not withstanding, what you do not know YOU DO NOT KNOW and it can kill you so humble yourself and get knowedge from credible sources jor. I am not saying do not watch movies or read mags, I am just saying DO NOT for the sake of your unborn children, and the born ones, swallow every information you get from there. I do read them and watch movies though I filter what I see or read too… But I know that I am not buying most of what they are selling…
Ok resolution next… (You are still welcome) 🙂

Please quit PORN… When my Pastor Bim was alive, she always hammered on porn. She would always talk about how the porn industry was escalating worldwide. She woule even give statistics. Alarming ones. Stuff like the porn industry is the fastest and largest growing. She even wrote a book about ‘overcoming masturbation’ Seriously I thought she was exaggerating. I thought everyone was as prude as me. Today I am amazed as to what I see with young people. Gosh!!! I love going through people’s pictures on their phones. I am somewhat restless so if you are talking to me or I am in a meeting, I usually find a phone around and browse the pictures. Oh gosh… several times it was a bad idea. How can you have all these RUBBISH on your phone and expect to remain sane. That’s madness. severally I have borrowed people’s laptops for one thing or the other and the things I have seen eh. You know, I studied overnight sometimes as a student and it amazed me that a LOT of people in the library who are supposed to be studying spend all that time on porn sites… In fact this is already irritating me… I just had an encounter recently. I was thrown off. Pls just quit Porn already this new year and for ever.

And finally… To all my ladies… I’m just gonna jumble it all up…

Ladies stop selling yourselves cheap for Brazilian hair and Gucci bags. Stop milking your man dry all because he loves you. Stop sleeping around if you have been. Stop living fake lives trying to keep up with the Joneses. Live your size per time. There is a time for everything. Do not be a liability to any man. Be content with what you have, but don’t get satisfied. Always strive for more. Be the BEST that you can be and keep getting better at it. Read books beyond magazines and novels. Read management books, finance books, newspapers, etc. get versatile. Kick the proverbial box away. Think outside the box. Let’s break the stereotype men have about us. I am constantly excited when people underestimate me until I open my mouth. Act like a lady but THINK like a boss. A real bad boss… And yes don’t be jealous of the successes of others… Rejoice with them that rejoice… When God is blessing your neighbor, no vex, it just means God is in the neighborhood (shout out to Pastor Sola Oduwole. I heard this from him)

I am tired jor… Maybe I will do a sequel. If I don’t, this should suffice. Like I said you cant be a part time Christian and expect to win a full time Devil. This devil is a really bad guy ooo. And like I also said, please even if you fail once, dust yourself up, receive grace and keep at it…
Now to the lot of you asking what my new year resolutions are, err, wharris your consign? Just do the one I have nicely mapped out for you and face ya front… Una too like amebo…
I’m serious about all I’ve said though. Our lives can be better. And they will be… I hope you get the message well enough…
Feel free to share the word…

2013 is a great year… I feel it already…
Stay winning,

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  • Reply
    December 28, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    d beginning of d year started wt me not keeping my resolutions but by d end of d first quarter, I went to them and they’ve become a way of life now.
    d whole sex thing ehn…i work wt young people ages 10-20 and its so hard (even wt all of d master’s blueprint) to get them to see d truth. every now and then we jus get news that of wat they’ve been up to and guess wat? its d girls giving us wahala. we preach oh. as in message, talks, everything on why u shud abstain, why u shud av principles, why u shud be productive, wosai! it seems our battle is beyond what we can preach and teach. but then we won’t stop d talk.
    nice read as always.

    • Reply
      December 28, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks booo…
      One thing I’ll say is DON’T STOP…
      Our efforts ultimately yield results sometimes way later than we expect. We may not even see it but it does. Especially when the deed/preaching/whatever is done in good faith and for the greater good of all…
      So don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t stop. Keep sowing d seeds of good words and watering it with your prayers…
      When you start seeing fruit eh you sef go fear God all over again…
      Thanks again for stopping by regularly…
      Merry CHRISTmas

  • Reply
    December 28, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    You know like my pastor will say. If you had no plans for the year you can’t score yourself at the end of the year when you are doing a review. Are resolutions good? Absolutely but I think where ppl miss it is when they try to use there own works to achieve the resolutions a look into such plans will show a failure rate of 99%. We all need to plan for the new year but on total dependence on the Holy Spirit to enable us in our weaknesses. I like that line Act like a lady think like a boss. Did a note on it a while ago on World Women’s Day. Don’t even know who invented that line Act like a lady think like a Man. It just causes the women to be in constant competition with the men. Anyway dear I’m sure having some good plans for the new year and I can already see God’s hand directing my path. Meet you at the top. More power to your elbow and more Wisdom from above as you make a differnece in this world and generations to come.

    • Reply
      December 29, 2012 at 6:51 am

      Thanks dear… Totally BOSS not man… I don’t like that competitive spirit one bit…
      Thanks again…
      Happy new year dear

  • Reply
    Kemi Aribisala
    December 29, 2012 at 7:35 am

    Eziaha @ it again! Nice write up gal! We all have our new year resolutions mapped out already. We just need GRACE to stick to them. As for the sex issue, its just so rampant these days ehn! Even among the so called christians! SMH for them! Just like you said, I love browsing thru pple pics whn I collect thEir phones. The things I see too irritates me! Just like a saying goes”you are what you eat, think and watch” I knw of a church worker in church who has crazy irritating pics on his phone! Jesus! The day I collected his phone, browsing thru his pics I was sooo pisssed! Cos wht ma eyes saw ehn! *lips sealed* Anyways, my best part is ” You can’t fight a FULLTIME devil on a PART TIME relationship with God” The truth is, if you serve God wholeheartedly, God will service you! #gbam! It pays to serve God o!

    • Reply
      December 29, 2012 at 8:02 am

      My dear eh… God will help
      Thanks booo

  • Reply
    December 29, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Well said! Well done! Just incase I have never told you before, you inspire me a great deal. You do! Thanks for d new year resolution ‘template’. God bless u!

    • Reply
      December 29, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      Awwww thank you love… ‘Preciate much…
      God bless you too…
      Happy new year…

  • Reply
    December 30, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Nne. So much to absorb. Keep on teaching.
    Cheers to a better 2013.

    • Reply
      December 30, 2012 at 2:59 pm

      My love… See u caught the nne spirit…
      You are welcome
      Thanks dee. God will help…
      Cheers to you too

  • Reply
    Nnedimma Gemma Ofili
    December 31, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Thank you for giving me good reasons to set new goals. And thank you for allowing yourself to be God’s instrument in my life. You may or may not realise it, but you and Fr. Patrick saved my life last year because you let God use you. I’ve still made mistakes but I’ve also grown in a lot of ways. Bad relationships have slowly but surely made their way out of my life and the said life is getting back on track. I’ll be making new year resolutions in 2013 because of resolutions you made in 2011 to help the fallen(okay, so maybe that’s not quite the phrasing you used but you get the picture.). Isn’t God awesome? I’ve not quite gotten the hang of trusting God yet but I find myself turning to him more than I used to. And it works. Thank you so very much. I’m grateful and I love you. Someday, I’ll show you just how much. Please, give my love to Bolaji. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Reply
      December 31, 2012 at 11:44 pm

      Aww sweetie… One word… YOU WILL TESTIFY… Love you big. And happy new year

    Leave a Reply