THE GRAND FINALE… all i wanna say is THANK YOU…


Can you believe it. I have actually made it through five days of back to back to back to back to frigging BACK blogging… Chioma Chuka, you did not tell me it was this stressful ooo. The things I do for y’all!!! Hehehe… BTW it is my birthday tomorrow!!! Friday June  29, 2012… In fact, this birthday has been anticipated by many many people. I started getting the happy birthday in advance from JUNE 1… No kidding. The gifts have also started coming in. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow. Besides thanking God of course…  but let’s wrap this up, shall we? First with my pictures that y’all don’t get tired of seeing and thankfully i do not get tired of showing off… Plenty more where these come from…

Today i am starting with the most important set of people… right after the very ist shout out, it goes back to random hehehe… so drum roll for the most important set of people…


I don’t know y’all by name but I am so appreciative of you. All the comments, and likes… even from my days on facebook writing NOTES… It is amazing just how much love I have been shown. When I stopped writing, I was inundated with requests to get back to writing. When my first website went down and I stopped again, you guys kept pushing that I write. I am soooooo grateful to you. I haven’t even gotten a silly comment yet… cos I approve almost all… that you take out time to read this blog is a big deal to me and I don’t ever take you for granted. Every coment, every LIKE, every RT, every love… THANKS A ZILLION… When this blog starts bringing in cool hard cash, be sure that I will be as generous as errrr, as I can be with my blog family… Once again, many many thanks… I am caps OFF GRATEFUL… {{{{Group HUG}}}} Toinlicious my fellow super  BLOGGER… I see you… Thanks for all the love Sugar. Please visit her blog too www.toinlicious.blogspot.com. Great writer there. Dawn Oluwadare, i dont know how but i am surethat wewould do great things for this GOD that we both love so much.Woman of God, please keep the fire always HOT… Emmanuel IGBEKELE… Great man, i believe so much in your future. Don’t know if i have ever mentioned. You have a great zeal and an even greater personality. the stuff Leaders are made o. Keep it up and lemme see the Devil that can stop you… Thanks for being there and also giving me trouble too… hehehe

Another group hug hug {{{HUGSSSS}}} you rock… all of you…

Bolaji Olojo

Aku m… My treasure. The One I have said YES to and almost four years down the line I have NO regrets. The One who loves me in the way that God has commanded men to love their wives…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’m grateful for your love and all that comes with it. Men like you are short in supply. I’m thrilled ONE found me. Thank you for always ALWAYS listening to me.Ah even when my gist is long and even getting uninteresting to me, you always listen like I am saying the most interesting thing in the world.Awww thanks Aku m.  I love you…

I love you… And I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing GIFT… You!!!


I call her OLAEDO. That’s GOLD… Ogochukwu is worth more than even GOLD to me. She is the only ONLY girlfriend I have that I can call a Role model… That’s HUGE… I don’t throw that word around loosely. I know she isn’t but she seems PERFECT!!! Clearly one of my ‘inner sacred circle’.
She is the kinda friend that you don’t want to share with anyone. My possessive antenna shoots up with her. She is the only friend I wouldn’t mind living in the same house with for an extended time frame. That’s a big deal cos I like my personal space too much. But I can share it with her. Ogochukwu has become my sister. We have a seal of friendship, stamped and signed. So we are stuck for LIFE. We even have dreams of doing our kids’ school runs together. You smell sincerity when she speaks. A loaded woman of God… LOADED!!! If she ends up a Pastor’s wife or Pastor, it would be just right.

It is amazing how connected we are, yet physically almost always apart. God speaks to her and to me about the same thing at the same time. If I were a guy, I’ll marry her easily. She must say YES!!! Blessed is the man that finds you!!! BLESSED!!! Women like you are rare… Maybe even going extinct. She once told me she is moved to tears when she thinks of me!!! I feel the same way about you darling.

I love you Sugar… And I’m grateful you are A SISTER I’ll ALWAYS have…
Recently, we stepped up our friendship a notch and hunnie I am sooooooooo glad that happened. “wink wink* Love you girl… And no I am not sharing with y’all what i mean by ‘stepped up our friendship…’ Go and find ur own friend hehehe…


Someone, a high school friend, asked me recently when Chi and I got close being that we were not close in high school. If I could regret one thing, it would be the fact that our love just started heating up. Post Uni sef… A least for Chi. Chinma has been one of the best friends I have had and still have. Part of my ‘inner sacred circle’. Chinma is like my twin sometimes I swear. The twin sister I never had. I reconnected with her at a somewhat down time in my life. Chinma said words that lifted my spirit. I’m not even sure she remembers. Chinma has a busy CEO-in-training life, but she makes time out everytime I need her. I recall once crying about something to her and she said ‘I wish I could see you now and hold hands and pray with u’ wow!!! I am not sure she even remembers what she said but that was the sweetest thing to hear at the time. Chinma is one friend that always has a prayer for me… Nne, Chukwu gozie gi… Thank you for giving me an ear, a shoulder, a smile, a prayer, a yabis, etc whenever I need it. Thank you Cheech. Thank you!!! You have been very reliable. Thanks Sugar pie honey berry sweet potato Darling… Kisses, smooches, the whole works.

And oh!!! I can’t wait to see just how AMAZING you turn out professionally. The world better make way for this GLAMAZON… I love you and respect you… In increasing doses daily… You have been my inspiration… I LOVE YOU BABY…

Nmachi Jidenma

Nma is a DARLING. I met her in the course of work. My then BOSS at Emzor introduced both of us as partners on a social media project. Then she was still at Cornell. We did a lot of correspondence thanks to Skype and email and even phone calls. What tripped me first was the proposal she wrote on this Project we were working on. It was UNBELIEVABLE. WOW!!! Then working closely with her, I realized that she just had the BEST work ethics…  Nma is one COMMITTED young lady. Very conscientious. No surprise there when she was nominated for The Future Awards for her CP-Africa blog. I saw the passion she threw into making that blog what it is today. And Nma makes work fun… If I ever had a reason to not meet up with the day’s work especially because of our crappy internet, Nma was so happy to help. And she was busy too with her Master’s degree, and other projects. But she would help and happily too. Nma I have learnt the best work ethics from you and whenever I have to profile you, I am proud to say that you are a young woman the world should watch out for. I was surprised when she bagged her Masters and told me she was relocating to Nigeria to the joy of her mom of course. WOW!!! I thought she would stay back; after all, it didn’t look like naija would appreciate such a brain. But chic told me she just went to study and now that she had gotten her first degree and Masters, she would be coming back home. Oh but I wasn’t surprised when she landed a job at GOOGLE… It is ladies like Nma that get jobs in places like GOOGLE… The cap fits… and her JD is so exciting… and the pay too hehehe… but Nma hun, you deserve it… just that Google is making you less social ooo and I miss our talks… And she doesn’t even comment anymore on my blog 🙁 … Ndi Google sef… but the love and respect still dey kampe… No shakings. Interesting enough, Nma and I are yet to meet. She came back home occasionally then but I was always away when she did. And now that she has relocated to Nigeria and even works at my ‘backyard’ in Lagos, I am not quite sure why we haven’t met yet… we should make that happen. And yes, I know it is mostly my fault. I guess I want to still see you as that NNUKWU MMANWU that is not to be seen hehehe…  Nma was even in my school sometime early this year and that was when I was incommunicado till she left. Oh crap!!! but I am sure this year we would see, DV.

Nma, Mummy is blessed to have an ONLY child like you. And your friends are also blessed to have a friend like you, of which I am one. I FITTN’T forget you in a hurry Sugar and I love you to bits and fine pieces… muah

Err, at this point I am allowed to put some of my favorite crushes yeah? STARS who by just living have added some spice to my world… Just to be sure that ONE person’s picture is supreme, i wont be putting up pictures of/with the rest hehehe


Idris is all kindsa HOT… whether he is playing the ‘broke dad’ in Daddy’s little girls, or the ‘Hot husband’ in Obsessed, IDRIS ELBA will wake me up ANYDAY… 🙂


Bankole Wellington makes the list not because I think he is a fantastic Singer… maybe he is, I just don’t listen to his music. But BANKY W gets me loving him cos dude is one heck of an intelligent guy. Didn’t care much for him till that episode with Reuben Abati… If you don’t know, GOOGLE is your friend hehehe. Started checking his BANK’S STATEMENT blog and he writes good too. Then Banky on Twitter, don’t even get me started!!!! I think his tweets make the most sense. Whether he is tweeting about Nigeria, his music, his Protogee’s or just giving a smart comeback to lousy followers who think they can take a jab at him,  Banky is a sweetheart. Lucky Lucky girl it would be that he finds as a wife… I think. too hat he is a stunner. But not as much as the next person, who would not let me see STUNNING in any other star… A lot of people already know who it is… hehehe WHATEVER… I am not ashamed jor…


I can’t stop loving TU!!! And no, not the kinda love that will end up between the sheets!!! I love Tu like a brother. In fact I still think he might actually be my blood brother. His humility gets me anyday… a major turn on… I know a lot of folks talk about his many women and kids but trust me, Tu can do no wrong in my eyes!!! NO WRONG… na the women dey open leg na… mschewwwww…  I remember speaking to him at the time his first album rolled out and the kind of humility I saw and heard was enough to make me a permanent fan FOR LIFE… and that humility has stayed even as he has gone ahead to be NIGERIA’S NUMBER ONE!!! I also don’t necessarily listen to his songs, I just LOVE THE DUDE…  he is the ONLY ONE whose pidgin English sounds deliciously SEXY to me… Did I mention that he is also NAIJA’S FINEST…

Met him again at an Xmas party last year and the same humility was apparent. Even though his first statement to me was rated 18… very naughty dude…  and NO I am not sharing… But I love TU… I loved him yesterday, I love him today, and I will love him tomorrow and FOREVER….

Okay folks, that about wraps it up… I will drink to that…

This list is NOT EXHAUSTIVE!!!  It has been a HUGE elephant . I have tried to include EVERYONE I know but come on, that’s not possible… I have left out many names deliberately too for space. If you didn’t make the list, abeg NO VEX… ko easy ooo. Just know that my heart blesses you with many many thanks…and more than anything, I also pray that GOD blesses YOU too… I love you all very deeply…

So will I be blogging tomorrow? Err not really… I would be too busy celebrating the many many gifts and the car that will be coming in tomorrow… Did I mention partaying toooo… hehehe… God has been faithful jare and frankly life has been beautiful… I have earned this partying so exams or not, party we must…

But I would be gracious enough to picture blog y’all through the party… Promise…lols… that should do na… In fact a teaser here of one of the many cakes…

Don’t hate darling… hehehe. I will also do that blog post on the reactions that all this has generated… Amazing stuff… I will be sharing all the behind the scenes that went down in the course of these Posts. Tz amazing just how much I am loved. Doing this series has thought me a few things. If you can think then you can thank… As people say to me, oh I didn’t see my name, it had better be there before your are done and all that, I think about increasing the list and it is amazing that EVERYONE has something that I can thank them for… But the truth is no matter how I keep increasing the list, everyone won’t feature.  I really did my best to include names but the truth is that the list was COMPLETE even before I started. I had sorted names and pictures and even the arrangements. I already knew I would not put up everyone. I have  over 60 people already and it was a lot of work getting the pictures and all… I have had to scan through over 2000 pictures to get the ones featured here. Ko easy at all. A lot of people did not even know I had those pictures of/with them. Plus I am also writing exams.  So if truly your name doesn’t get put up here, sweerie, it doesn’t mean that you are not important to me… Far be it from me to think that… It just means that time didn’t let me exhaust my friends kkk… ONE LOVE my people *in Tuface voice*

If you have been following me, you would realize that my family didn’t feature. Except my nieces… Whom you see above… kai i love those girls like i love nobody else… they are just MY WORLD… and err do you see that some of them have started shakara like their fave Aunty? lolssss… And did you see the one that looks just like me? hehehe… You see… does that mean that they, that is my family not featured, are not important? Not at all… I have the bestest MOMSIE in the whole world and the most fabulous chocolatey loving sisters who inspire me to great heights. My brothers and popsie too. I celebrate them as often as I can. So if you wanna be angry or beef me that your name aint here, just remember that MY FAMILY too was not featured… Deal? Thanks… I love you too tehehe

Feel free to wish me plenty happy birthdays on FACEBOOK Ajaero Eziaha (unfortunately I have reached my limit of 5000 friends) but no worries, twitter dey  @eziahaA  and BBM if you are on my list. Say a prayer for me too.

Gotta sign out… This has been REAL!!!!!!!!

Cheers and love



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  • Reply
    June 28, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    It just amazes me how u can talk for so long and yet omit ur age. Oya tell us, how old r u now? By the way r u blogging from bonny island?

    • Reply
      June 28, 2012 at 3:36 pm

      Tunde ajibade… Don’t let me pull a nikita on u ooo… Wharrisurown. And NO I am blogging from UI…
      Exam tinz… U surely remember that ish called exams abi… Nutty you. And tz unladylike to disclose ur age except u r 40fied and above hehehe

  • Reply
    June 28, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    When a fact becomes so notorious, we say RES IPSA LOQUITOR. With you Eziaha, PRODIGIOSA GRATIA IPSA LOQUITOR. The grace you carry is undeniable, your beauty, unmatchable, and your carriage, Heavenly. No reasonable man will find you and wanna ever let you go. You’ve been all my prayers answered. I found you, I found favor. My prayer lists crashed.Thanks for your simple yet sophisticated love. Truly, I’m blessed. I’m not surprised you have beautiful persons around you. Like begets Like. In all I’m happy for you and I pray that God will crown your career with such Glory that no one can deny. Happy Birthday Eyinju MI.

  • Reply
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    June 23, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    […] By the way, find all the posts from my last birthday here… part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 […]

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    January 11, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Ah! Edris Elba!!!..
    That’s all I’d say.

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