BIRTHDAY GRATITUDE to some of the ones who have colored my life BEAUTIFUL…PT 4

Wow!!! The fourth in a row… Yipee…  if you have been wondering if your name will make this list yet, today may just be your LUCKY DAY… if not, the final post may just make ur day hehehe…  Piecing this together has been so much fun I tell you… all the pings and messages and even threats and blackmails I have been getting have been HILARIOUS…

Ok let me say THANK YOU to the next set of darlings I have been blessed with…

Today i decided i would not put up any of my pictures. I am sure you have seen enough of my fab self…

Errrrr NO you have not… So il put up plenty plenty more… If you believed me, you will believe ANYTHING

Meanwhile my birthday is almost HERE and are you ready to partaayyyyyyyyyyy???? hehehe




Elder is just amazing!!! Always accommodating, always smiling, always cheerful… the most jovial. I am not even sure he knows how to be angry. LOADED with the word… radiates so much joy and life… believes in me… Elder I would never turn down an opportunity to celebrate you cos you deserve to be celebrated DAILY. God bless you for being such a GIFT to the House of WAMI… I love you dearest Elder Gbo…..

Rev’d B!!! The first time I saw you, I told Rev TJ you looked like a Hollywood Superstar and I asked her if I could tell you that and she said yes!!! Very cool . The Tushest of all TA Pastors. With a very delectable wife. Chai!!! Then I heard you preach and I thought God was unfair. You seem like the complete perfect package.  That is why I like taking pictures of you, and then even pictures do not even do you enough justice… I’m sure COD blesses their lucky stars for having you. God bless you sir… Much love…

Boo hoo I will so miss you both after i am gone… From TA that is…


 Some times i think Blessing is the prettiest woman in the world… Chai!!! Sweetie God created you sha… And she has such an amazing innocence thats sweet.You have been a real sweetheart and have put a smile on my face in more ways than you know… I love you soooo much hun.


aha!!! My football arch enemy but my everyday sweetheart. ManU lover toh sure so we always quarel being that i am an avid Chelsea lover… The quarels get intense oo and i always win… YES I DO… Open ur own blog if u wanna debate that… Beyond football though, Luuluu is as sweet as they come. And she is a God lover too… Love you sweets and please stop giving me trouble…RED DEVIL


FL is a sweetheart. She’s such a Superstar I wonder why she even wants to associate with me. Hehehhe. Oh yeah, birds of a feather tinz… Thanks for always believing in me and always letting me know. yOU HAVE NO IDEA how much i appreciate that. Love U darling. And that you know… hehehe


The very BEST girlfriend I have been privileged to have. VALERIE you are an ANGEL. You can’t be real… How can anyone be soooooo loving. VALERIE!!! Kai, I can’t over ask God to bless you. I don’t care whatever happens between us, you remain my FRIEND FOR LIFE… One of my ‘INNER SACRED CIRCLE’ that I can share ANYTHING with and be safe. Upload/Insert She will cry with me if she has to, Pray for me, laugh if she has to, vex if she must but every time she LISTENS. She listens to me EVERYTIME. She doesn’t judge me. She always celebrates me. ALWAYS. She corrects me lovingly. Believes that I can DO AND BE ANYTHING I wanna be. What a human being, no ANGEL. I LOVE YOU ROUND THE WHOLE WORLD AND BACK… I respect what we share. Nothing can come between it. NO-ONE!!! And I wish you the very very best in life… I am happy you will be in my life forever. They don’t make friends like you anymore… Limited edition. In fact ONLY EDITION…  I don’t know if I am as much a friend to you like you say I am but God bless you Ore mi atata


T. VOICE they are called. Indeed they have been a major blessing to me and I can’t skip them in this list. They make me ra ba ba in Church almost every Sunday. Amazing LOT… I am beginning to think that they sometimes would rival the heavenly Hosts. Especially Mary Gift and Bennie Amaku. God bless the T. Voice for me, amen. And not just Shabach centre too but also T.VOICE worldwide…

While still on T.Voice,BENNIE AMAKU deserves a special mention.

Bennie is a blessing. Chai!!! God keep your voice… and your fine face. Very few can sing with such grace. Thank you for your time especially with Shabach Choir… and also for Stewards. Plenty plenty love boo… Did I mention that she went qualified from Ibadan region for both MTN Project Fame and Glo Naija sings? Yup… God blessed you sha… I am so jealous of that voice… AND ABOUT THAT THING WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT, EHEN…PLEASE DO OOO… love you Sugar

Adaora Onaga

The sweetest Doctor the world can have. Chai!!! Ada has the sweetest heart. So sweet its diabetes inducing. Ada is just a cheerleader. Believes in me. Takes me as a sister. Loves me. Did I already mention believes in me??? Such a darling. A sweet Christian sister.

Ada, if I could steal you and keep you to myself alone, I would. But such sweetness should be tasted the world over. Which is why I’m excited at the amazement that your life is becoming. I love you and increasingly daily… You inspire me Sugar… Love U abso-friggin-lutely…

Ayomikun Akinrimade

She is the stuff Besties are made of… An obvious ‘inner sacred circle’. In fact we are like an old still-hopelessly-in-love Couple. In fact when we are together, any other person there would get to a point of jealousy at our love. We are so comfortable with each other. In sync. The kinda chic I tell it all… ALL. And one friend who can look me in d eye and tell me ANYTHING even when I don’t want to know. I can’t vex for her ooo. She will persist. That’s the kinda girl she is. She loves me silly but won’t take any crap from me. Won’t tolerate me slacking on anything. Hehehe and I have plenty wahala ooo. My boo likes her cos he knows she will always advice me right irrespective of what I think or wanna hear. Ayo is a sweetheart. I don’t even know how I can live my life without her…Except network’s shitty, she is always a PING away. My soul sister. My lover. My friend. FOREVER…
I love and lovee and loveee you hun… A thousand kisses from me to you

AND I THANK MY LUCKY STARS that i have a girlfriend like you…

Sukanmi Akinde

Ever reliable hunnie… One of my long lasting friends… Sk from PSSF days yo have been like a sister to me… Its good to know that somewhere in the world, i have YOU to count on at any time. God bless u Sugar…Loving you comes easily to me…

Ezinne Kanu

My FF for life… the girl with a show stopping smile, with dimples to boot… Winning MS DIMPLES was just her thing in High school… Sugar, knowing that we can pick our love up whenever we hook up gives me joy. You have the most charming persona. Love you so much and look forward to spending time with you often just like before when i could fly to your house at any time… I miss you ooo… And i love you tooooo


If you know me, you would know that i am hardly INTIMIDATED… but this is one guy that used to intimidate me in my Politics class. He was like the assistant lecturer… AJIBOLA… *WINKWINK* WOW!!! Jibola is just great!!! How someone can know so much about world politics is beyond me ooo. I wish i could beef him but he is too much of a Sweetheart to be beefed. Jibola, i respect you… And your strong opinions. Lonii and I always said your future would be incredibly bright. Now more than ever, i believe it. And it is a good thing i intimidated you in Prof Udegbe’s class but you took your pound of flesh in Dr Pogoson’s class. Jibola, i am soooo proud of you, YOU ARE A SUPER STAR… love you plenry plenry and please don’t even let idle words make you change ooo…

WOW… the end of part 4… are you ready for the BIG ONE!!!! The GRAND FINALE…

AND THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WONDERFULCOMMENTS that have trailed all these… God bless…

My birthday is almost here… whoop whoop.. and yeah twitter handle? @eziahaA

Cheers and Love y’all


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